Introduction: Witchy Lightbulb

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Create a spooky witch for Halloween using simple craft items!

Step 1: Light Bulb

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Begin with a regular small or large light bulb.

Step 2: Green Paint

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Use a green colour paint and paint the entire light bulb with it.

Step 3: Painted Bulb

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Let dry completely and your light bulb should look like this.

Step 4: Witch's Eyes and Mole

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Next, grab a black foam sheet and cut out two scary looking eyes. Also, cut out 3 small circles, which we will glue on top of each other to create the witch's mole.

Step 5: Gluing Witch's Accessories

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Take your glue gun and glue the eyes and mole onto your light bulb, starting your witch's face. Glue the circular pieces for the mole on top of each other, then glue it near the bottom of the witch's face where the chin would be. You can also use your green paint to paint little iris's onto your witch's eyes.

Step 6: Tin Foil Nose

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Next, grab a small piece of tin foil to make the witch's nose. Bend and shape the tin foil into a long pointy, curved shape to make it look like a typical witch's nose. Paint the piece of tin foil green to match the colour of the bulb. If you like, you can create another foam mole and glue it to the tip of the nose like we did.

Step 7: Scary Mouth

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We now have to add a mouth to the witch. We used a spooky mouth sticker we found, however you can paint whichever mouth you'd think would suit your witch.

Step 8: Witch's Hair

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For the witch's hair, we used a clip of fake craft hair we bought, then glued it to the top of the light bulb. You can make your own hair out of whatever you want if you like, or find some like we did.

Step 9: Witch's Hat

Picture of Witch's Hat

Finally, to finish our witch she needs her hat. You can create a hat for it, however we had a little hat ready from our Halloween decorations. Glue it on top of the witch's hair and that will complete the look!


Swansong (author)2017-10-25

That's really cute! She sort of looks like Other Mother.

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