With This Mailbox You Will Never Miss Your Post Again





Introduction: With This Mailbox You Will Never Miss Your Post Again

The main advantage and the actual reason of construction is the fact that residents can have access without the use of keys!

The mailbox operates using a remote control. The door opens when the first button is pressed. Pressing the second button a light is turn on which gives the ability to collect post even in night time. Moreover even if the residents do not have the remote control , they can easily have access using a secret password (on the panel).

Step 1: Remote Controls - Batteries

There are four remote controls so every member of the family can have access and the remote controls can be hanged on the keyring.

The most impressive characteristics of this mailbox are: the fact that instead of disposable batteries, a small 12v solar panel was installed, which continuously recharges the battery and also the fact that when an envelope is put in the mailbox, an sms will automatically be sent to your mobile phone informing you that you got a new letter from post!!

Step 2: Mailbox

That's our new mail box made in November 2015 and it is a bit different from the usual ones!! Not only the appearance but also the function of this mailbox differ from the usual ones and those differences really make it extreme! This one is made of 2mm metal sheet and marri wood.

Step 3: Video

Furthermore, it is weatherproof and equipped with extra space for leaflets and other advertising material. Its dimensions are 75 x 25 x 25cm!



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    Neat idea,but nearly impossible to implement for a large rural (US Style) mailbox. Postmaster approval is required, so your ideas may be applicable to an existing mailbox with a code for the postal service worker, else he/she won't be able to drop your parcels and letters off.

    Wait, what? No.. Mail drop is easy, just pull the lid up. Recover the mail is the tricky part..

    When you send and receive more than just letters, but parcels that exceed 1.6 feet (apporximately .5 meters) on one or more dimensions, you have a big problem. This is a letterbox, not a box suitable for PARCELS.

    There's a tremendous difference between a letterbox and a Postal Parcel box.

    As well,there are major differences in the way parcels are handled in the UK, and the USA.

    Did you miss the word PARCEL in my last post?

    I do missed that. I'll try to respond as educated as possible, seen that in Europe we don't have that P A R C E L thing, please enlighten me why is it impossible to build a personal idea for that fix for a package delivery?

    The US Postal Service delivers letters, parcels, and packages up to a certain size. There's specific regulations on size, type, and capacity of postal boxes. This project you could use in Europe, in most contries, but in the USA, it would have to go through a process of approval by the US Postal Service before they would (or could by regulations) deliver inito it. They literally WON'T delive into an unapproved mailbox.

    If it's not "Postmaster Approved" (and that has to be stamped on the mailbox) they cannot by law deliver into it. The postal regulations here are VOLUMNOUS!

    I LOVE the project, and it would solve a lot of problems for a lot of people who's mail gets tampered with. I think I'll ponder adapting some of the concepts for use with pre-made approved US potal boxes... (I often have my mail either stoeln, or (more often) misdelivered by incompetent Postal Service workers.)

    Benjamin Franklin, who invented/established the US Postal Service, would be rolling around in his grave if he knew the travesty that is the current Postal Service in the USA., at least in my area.

    For example, a postal worker RAN OVER my Postmaster Approved rural mailboix, and I SAW himi do it. I took photos of the damaged mailbox to the local Postmaster, who first said you have no proof (a witness (ME!) and photos), and then refused to give me his name, which I easily looked up in the USPS web site directory of Postmasters... They never paid for the damage. I jsut gave up.

    Oh.. I'm really sorry for your mailbox damaged, and I see that there are a lot of regulations and standards, is it the same in all US states? I guess improving something made bad shouldn't be a crime, keeping a secure box should be a priority seen that many things from bank accounts and cards are delivers via postal mail service, bills or healthcare letters, and other sensitive information are always used with that too.

    The USPS is considered to be an 'independent' branch of the US Federal Government, it is overseen by the US Congress(which means it has to follow guidelines and rule made by Congress). This has benefits and problems. Criminal activities against the USPS are considered to Federal crimes(which tend to have harsher penalties than State penalties do), but the USPS is forced to follow rules and payroll/ working hour guidelines set by the US Congress(the rules can be foolish and even stupid)

    I love the design, Make it Extreme ! I really do, US use would be impractical wuith our postal regualtions.

    postal workers handle letters, parcels, and packages up to a certain
    size, and with a letter only box, they won't be able to deliver a lot of
    the items they handle.

    US Postal laws require all postal boxes
    meant for receiving mail meet a set of stringent requirements, much more
    so than European or UK rules do. If a mailbox is not marked
    "Postmaster Approved" they aren't even allowed to deliver to the
    mailbox, no matter now nice it looks or works. Homebuilt mailboxes are
    pretty much prohibited unless you get approvals from your postmaster.

    get me wrong, I really admire the design and may incorporate some ideas
    into adding a feature or two to my mailbox. The author, Make it Extreme,
    inspires some really good ideas here. But, before I USE those, I have
    to get approval. Really. The US postal code is a set of volumes, a lot
    of requirements. But they handle way more than just letters and

    I've been thinking of a short range Bluetooth
    tranmitter to advise when the mail has been delivered. Or, a secured
    tranmitter to my Wi-Fi router to send me an SMS message to tell me to go
    fetch the mail, but implementation and the time to work out the details
    escapes me. And those niggling approvals.

    Most the USPS regulations are about the size and location of the mail/parcel box(es). If you make your own about the same size as an approved box, there usually isn't a problem - unless you have managed to annoy your regular mailman that delivers mail to your mail route.

    My father and I made an large curbside box out of 1/4 inch steel because some idiots that had been coming through playing 'mailbox baseball'. They came through after we set it up, and broke their baseball bat(and maybe a car window) one night. We found wood splinters on the ground along with a bunch of broken safety glass from a car window. I don't think they ever came back to our street again....

    In Italy we have couriers that calls you when they are about to deliver packages to get shure that you're at home or that he can let to someone in the house, otherwise they ask if they can bring it to work if your working shifts cover the days. Last option they leave you a message with the day they'll pass next time and hour, and a phone number if you decide to stop the package at your city delivery center for self picking. They never let packages untracked around that anyone could stole at will. Same with important letters like street violations and unpaid tributes to the state :)).