Without Drilling Holes Hang Your Display on the Wall


Introduction: Without Drilling Holes Hang Your Display on the Wall

Hang a TV or display on the wall is the easiest way to save room. But leaving several holes on the wall forever is always the cost we should pay for saving the room. Is there a new way to hang the TV on the wall? Of course.

Step 1:

The material is simple: 2m HOOK&LOOP(with 2 holes in both sides), 4 M4 screws, a scissors, a telescopic steel pole, and a 2.6m stainless steel pipe(do not show in the picture).

Step 2:

Cut the HOOK&LOOP like the first picture. The distance between two holes is the distace between installation holes behind my 27inch display. And then fix the HOOK&LOOP to the display with the M4 screws.Just like the picture shows. Be careful, we should put the shortHOOK&LOOP on the top of the long one, and we should also make sure that if the hoop is the short one on the left ,the long one should be loop in the same side.

Step 3:

Then I use the pressure generated by  the telescopic steel pole to keep the  pole in the air. And cut two telephone lines to tie the 2.6m stainless steel pipe with the pole, just like the picture.

Step 4:

Finally, I hung the display with HOOK&LOOP on the stainless steel pipe successfully. 

Somebody may wonder that if the structure like this can bear the gravity of the display(my display is about 4.3kg). That's also the problem which puzzled me in the beginning. And then I  did  a test.

Step 5:

The test I did is that I hung the steel pole in a place with the width of 2.5m (my room is 2.65m).and then I hung two fire extinguishers(totally 7kg ), my backpack(3kg) and a travel bag(2kg). To my surprise, it worked properly. So 12kg is not a problem for my structure, what about 4kg? 
And now  I'm having a testing, I will hang the display for a month in order to test if I hang the display like this for a long time what will happen.
I think my structure which can work properly is just based on the physics science.
I'm glad to talk about the detail of my structure with anyone who are interested in. This is my e-mail address(lh474070795@qq.com).



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    You are right,it's a problem if we use this method in an earthquake prone area. Maybe we should tell the MythBusters to confirm the method I use.

    I really like this, but wouldn't want to use something like this in an earthquake prone area (like CA where I live :) ). I remember watching the sidewalk undulate during the Loma-Prietta Earthquake, just like a wave crashing to shore.....A lagscrew hole to stud or two for an earthquake strap is a small price to pay, compared to a shattered tv (or shattered body part due to flying tv).

    Thanks for your advice, in fact, I put a piece of foamed plastic between the display and the wall. So the display can never swing in a breeze.

    watch out, as these come loose over time, especially if the load moves around (swinging in a breeze?)