Wizard of Oz


Introduction: Wizard of Oz

WE love Wizard of Oz Movie! So it was a no BRAINER to choose these costumes. My son Liam is the Munchkin. His costume is from his clothes cut with a few touches & his dads tube socks painted with felt covering his shoes. Hair gel & ponytail to keep him from messing it up.:) Dorothy is my 6 month old (Willow) wearing my dress when I was little girl. This is her first costume. Bought the wig & braided to match my little pretty. Toto is made of yarn with google eyes & little basket to fit. Darcee, my oldest girl, is Glinda the Good Witch is wearing a princess costume that has been reworked with tulle & shiny stars to match GLinda. Her crown is place mats cut, sparkled & glued. Her wand is cardboard wrapped in foil & sparkling beads & ribbon. Lots of Glitter Spray to sparkle!!



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