Picture of Wizard's Monopoly (Harry Potter Monopoly)
For Christmas 2013 I wanted to do something special for my wife. She has mentioned soooo many times that "It sucks, there is no Harry Potter Monopoly!" so I decided since it doesn't exist, I will just make her one.

Had I known it was going to be 3 months of work I may not have done it, but I do think I came up with something very special and unique for her.

I apologize in advance. I have done a few Instrucatables before and documented them all step by step, but I didn't think I would end up posting this so I don't have a lot of step by step images.

Take what you can from this and make it your own! :)
I am happy to answer any questions.
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Step 1: Get a Monopoly Set

Picture of Get a Monopoly Set
Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.30.48 PM.png
The first major step in creating a custom Monopoly set is getting a standardized one. You will need pieces from it to create your new one.

The board will be essential in gluing down your board print out onto (but more on that later).

The main reason you need to grab a copy of Monopoly is because of the house/hotel pieces.
More importantly, you can choose to not print out new Chance / Community Chest cards, even money if you decide (Although, most all the fun is in the aesthetics if you ask me!).

Houses and Hotels
All the houses and hotels have stayed the same. It is important to keep the same amount of houses and hotels as the original in case of building shortages. So I re-used these pieces.

I ran out of time to try and replace them with something a little more unique (I would have liked to have done castle pieces).

Step 2: Create Your Box (Trunk)

Picture of Create Your Box (Trunk)
The trunk I used is a smaller replica of Harry Potters trunk that was handmade. I purchased it off Etsy from keenefx. I added a gold glittered decal to the top surface that says "Wizard's Monopoly". I added a clear coat over the decal that gave it a smooth inlaid type look. I ordered the sticker off of Etsy as well from SRCreates.

The Tray
The tray was not actually part of the trunk purchase, I had to create that separately.

For the tray to sit in the trunk I added four little gold L brackets for it to sit on. I made the tray out of 1" block pieces. I cut them to size and nailed the outside square into place. Once I had the general square outside, I added a back piece. I then added the individual divider blocks and put them into place using wood glue. Once dried, I added the holes in the middle brace for the handle. I stained the entire tray with mahogany stain, followed by multiple clear coats after drying.

Your Box does not have to be a trunk. You can also put it all in a normal monopoly box, maybe even dress that up a bit.

Step 3: Create Your Tokens

Picture of Create Your Tokens
Each token has been replaced with a Horcrux. The Monopoly set I bought came with 8 original pieces so since there are 8 Horcruxes I thought it was perfect! ... Wait... "There aren't 8!" you say. Well, there are only 7 Horcruxes, but I needed 8 pieces. So the 8th piece is a second locket, the fake Horcrux! Here are all the tokens

Marvelo's Diary
For the diary I ordered a handmade charm off of Etsy from jellybeanjunction. I then sculpted on the whole from the basilisk fang. It was then repainted a darker color with a little bit of blood.

Slytherin Ring
The Ring with the resurrection stone was an easy one. A really low cost replica from overseas. Purchased from simplejewelrysale.

Slytherin Locket
Slytherin Locket (Fake)
The locket was fun to make. I bought a pair of earrings from Michaels craft store that had glass on each side. It actually unlocked and opened so I printed a picture of the locket as well as the note saying one was a fake. Put them inside and closed it back up. I also took off the ear hooks and replaced them with a small section of chain to make it look like it belongs on the neck.

Hufflepuff Cup
The cup was actually just a doll house cup, but I couldn't have found a better one. This was another purchase on Etsy from MyVintageFix.

Ravenclaw Diadem
It's hard to find Diadems in the size I was looking for, but eventually found what I needed on Ebay. It is a metal Barbie tiara.

Harry Potter
I thought of a lot of things to use to represent Harry Potter, but decided on another Etsy purchase from Williba. This was great as I got it in my wife's size, so she can wear it and be reminded of her gift whenever she likes. I had a lot of people suggest a Lego Harry, but in the end, I didn't think that fit the overall style I was going for.

For Nagini I decided to use a fang as I was not having much luck with finding the right snake token. I think it's overall look worked great! It is actually an acrylic horn necklace from Michaels craft store. I just easily pulled the horn off of the necklace (it was just held by glue) and peeled all the extra bits of glue off.

Step 4: Upgrade those Dice!

Picture of Upgrade those Dice!
For the dice I just simply went down to my local game shop (Black Diamond Games) and got some replacement dice that really matched the feel of the game.

Step 5: Be Your Own Mint (Print some Money/Galleon Vouchers)

Picture of Be Your Own Mint (Print some Money/Galleon Vouchers)
Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.30.23 PM.png
The Galleons
There aren't many "Galleon" replicas out there and the ones that are, they're pricey (especially when you're looking for 100 or more). So I went with replica doubloons. I got silver for 1's (to somewhat resemble "Knuts" even though all the currency in the game is considered "Galleons") and gold for the 5's. The coins add an amazing feel when playing the game!

I got my coins off of Ebay from greatamericancoinco.

The Money
The 4 bills that are considered "money" in Monopoly have actually been made as "Galleon Vouchers". These took a crazy amount of time to design, but I love how they came out.

Bill Design
The bill has been designed with the following elements.

Traditional Monopoly Backing
Famous Witch or Wizard Bill Face
Gringotts Watermark
Ministry of Magic Watermark
Security Tag
Serial Numbers (Meaningful Dates in My Wife's Life)
International Confederation of Wizards banner

Step 6: Print Your Cards (Property, Community Chest and Chance)

Picture of Print Your Cards (Property, Community Chest and Chance)
Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.50.58 PM.png
Room of Requirement Cards (Community Chest)
All the card's text has been changed to wizard related terms or events.

Ministry Cards (Chance)
All the card's text has been changed to wizard related terms or events.

Property Cards
All of the property cards have been changed over to what I chose them to be. All my Harry Potter fan co-workers had there opinions of what should have gone where, but in the end I chose what I chose for multiple reasons. Each property card has all the standard information (property rent cost, housing/hotel costs, mortgage cost) as well as information about each property pulled from the Harry Potter Wikipedia.

Each property was changed to a relevant property. Here is the list.

01. - 4 Privet Drive
02. - Railview Hotel
03. - Hut on the Rock
04. - Shrieking Shack
05. - Guant Shack
06. - Spinner's End
07. - Dervish and Banges
08. - Potter Cottage
09. - The Lovegood House
10. - The Leaky Cauldron
11. - Riddle House
12. - 12 Grimmauld Place
13. - The Burrow
14. - Hog's Head
15. - Zonko's Joke Shop
16. - Honeydukes
17. - Ollivander's Wand Shop
18. - Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
19. - Three Broomsticks Inn
20. - Shell Cottage
21. - Malfoy Manor
22. - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Step 7: Print Your Instruction Booklet

Picture of Print Your Instruction Booklet
All the Instructions have been modified to include new terms for the game.

Print the instructions using the booklet option in Adobe Reader.

Some example changes include the following:
Player - Wizard
Bank - Gringotts
The Banker - The Goblin
Token - Horcrux

Attached is the full re-written instructions in PDF format.

Step 8: Create the Board

Picture of Create the Board
It takes a lot of time to design a board, but it's not impossible. There is a ton of boards you can find on a google image search.

I have also seen some on Etsy for a digital download. I actually bought one, but ended up creating my own as I thought the persons design was not up to par.

Once you have the image you are going to use. Print it out to the size of the monopoly board (20"x20"). I actually had my board printed at an office store on the poster printer. It has a sleek gloss and is very thick, a much better surface than normal paper.

Use some 3M spray adhesive (Get it from Amazon, it's so much cheaper than in the stores) and lightly coat the Monopoly board with it. Be very careful to stick the printed board on straight. Once on, you will not be able to move it. This stuff is super sticky.

If you got a quad fold board like I did. You will need to cut completely through the already cut side to allow it to fold, as well as lightly score the printed out layer of the other board fold, to allow it to bend.

Step 9: Make it Fun: Add Props!!

Picture of Make it Fun: Add Props!!
When I first thought about props as part of this, I thought it was silly. Once I started adding them though, I felt better about it.

I am so glad I added them! They were one of the major highlights of the game!

Here is a list of the props I added, pick and choose the props for your own. :)
Sorting Hat
Lion Beanie (To represent the Luna's Gryffindor Qudditch Mascot Headwear)
I already had mine actually, got it at a Macy's age's ago. Looks like Amazon has them though.
Harry Potter Glasses
The Elder Wand
Slytherin Locket
Luna Lovegood Glasses
Harry Potter Snuggie
Time Turner Necklace
Ravenclaw Diadem

Step 10: Put it Together to Create the Best Monopoly Ever!!

Picture of Put it Together to Create the Best Monopoly Ever!!
I hope that this is useful for anyone who decides to put one together.

I wish I had documented the process more.

Anyone that would like a complete set made for them, or just the digital files to make their own can visit my Etsy store here.

Good luck and have fun! :)
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VanessaP66 days ago

I want to download the PDF file for the money, but I can't find it anywhere. Can you please send it to me.

blewis151413 days ago
We are about to have our first child and we have done her room Harry Potter themed with even a mural painted on the wall. I saw this monopoly board this past Christmas and saved it as a favorite for my wife for this upcoming Christmas. I noticed it was no longer on Etsy so how can I get one made bc this is all she wants for herself and the baby room.
CaptainAlN1 month ago
What kind of photoshop did you use?
baughboy181 month ago
Do you still have any of these? And if not, where can I make it exactly like you did?
SueA32 months ago
Do you still build these and if so how much would the cost be?
SueA32 months ago
Do you still build these for people and if so how much would the cost be?
TobyL3 months ago

Hi, I am trying to make this for my gf's birthday present. But I haven't watched any Harry Potter movies... So if you don't mind, can you share some of your community chest and chance cards?

This is going to help me so much to create mine. I'm also doing it for my wife's 21 birthday. I do have a question though, the houses and hotels how would i go about creating them to castle pieces?
imreallyagoodman (author)  iris.collazo.524 months ago

I actually got these great castle pieces from a local game developer. The game is no longer made, but I have some extras I can sell on Etsy. Let me know if you are interested. You can direct message me on Etsy. :)



Amazing! I love how real it looks! I thought it was a real game when I first saw it!

imreallyagoodman (author)  Zachary48015 months ago

Haha!! I love it. :)

That's so cool!!! I gonna have to make one myself!

You really should. :)

HelenaTroy11 months ago

as Ron would say "bloody brilliant!!!!" I take my (sorting) hat off to you.

imreallyagoodman (author)  HelenaTroy5 months ago

*Tips hat "Thank you mam." :)

banditsmom10 months ago

You did a fantastic job on this.

imreallyagoodman (author)  banditsmom5 months ago

Thank you so much!

Very nice .Thank you very much

imreallyagoodman (author)  Emperor Towhid5 months ago

Thank you!! :)

girija.virkar9 months ago
how did you make the money for da monopoly??

What a comment I like it

imreallyagoodman (author)  Emperor Towhid5 months ago

Love it. :)

if you could just tell me how you made the money? that would be great! you can email me @girija_virkar@yahoo.com
MickyP19 months ago

how many galleons are distributed to start the game for the character?

imreallyagoodman (author)  MickyP15 months ago

Usually 25 of each dinomination is standard. :)

rcolleary MickyP18 months ago

hi. Do you have the original monopoly? If you do, just look on the instructions and see how many $5 amd $1 you are to distribute to each player at the beginning of the game. He used the galleons and knits as $1 and $5's. Just look at how many $1 and $5 are to be distributed and you will know how many galleon and knuts. If you don't have the original monopoly, and monopoly will work, they are all the same money-wise. If you don't have monopoly at all, just look it up! :)

piercelaveil7 months ago

how much was this trunk?

imreallyagoodman (author)  piercelaveil5 months ago

The trunk usually ranges between $50 - $100. Depends on the features you add. Building the tray was the most work.

sugar_shaneh6 months ago

Are you still selling the download for this? My wife's birthday is next month and I would love to make this for her!!!

imreallyagoodman (author)  sugar_shaneh5 months ago

Hi Sugar_shaneh,

The download is available again. Oddly enough even digital downloads have a stock count and I ran out. :P

Sasha sasha 6 months ago
Can you please make me one for my birthday?? Could you email me for more detail if you still make them and how much etc :) thankyou
imreallyagoodman (author)  Sasha sasha 5 months ago

Hi Sasha,

I would be happy t talk with you about it more. Please provide me your email address, or direct message me on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/listing/175351145/wizards-monopoly-harry-potter-full-game?ref=pr_shop).

txellT6 months ago

would you e-mail me the designs of the money?, I did one a while ago but I lost it in my computer... and now I'm redesigning everything and it's the last thing I have to do. If you don't won't to it's ok I understand it takes a lot of time . tkank you!

Excuse my english I'm from Barcelona :)

ChristinaM29 months ago

if I pay for he downloads can I open them on a Mac? How do we take the downloads to a store like office max to get them printed? Can they be put on a zip drive? I also messaged you on your etsy account a couple days ago to make sure the downloads are still available.

HelenaTroy11 months ago

absolutely brilliant! kudos to you for thinking of it. sigh, any chance of a Doctor Who Monopoly for an encore???

Helena check out Amazon, they have a Dr.Who Monopoly; it is about $30.

tjaml upi. dear! I was being a bit flip, didn't mean to detract from your own brilliant work
emmyjanexx1 year ago
They look alright, will you paint them to match the style? Or leave that to the buyers choice? I also have a question about your files available on etsy for the board and money etc. when it's downloaded, what would it open up like on my laptop? Will It change the sizing or format because I don't have photoshop? I'd love to make my own but I can't afford photoshop and have no other need for it after this so ill probably buy yours. So basically I was wondering if it will still look the same when I get it printed at a professional store. :)
emmyjanexx1 year ago
Well the closest I found, because I'm buying the houses and hotels on eBay are the hobbit style ones which are around the same colour theme.. I also considered a second hand harry potter chess set but there wouldn't be enough in it I don't think. But I'll let you know
imreallyagoodman (author)  emmyjanexx1 year ago
I was able to find these little castle pieces that are custom made. I am going to include them in my prebuilt ones I sell on Etsy. I'm only getting a small number of them now, but if I can get some more maybe I can send some to you for the $5 cost I'm getting them for.

I'm going to use the castle instead a of hotels, but still keep houses as the smaller ones (huts).
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