Picture of Wizard's Monopoly (Harry Potter Monopoly)
For Christmas 2013 I wanted to do something special for my wife. She has mentioned soooo many times that "It sucks, there is no Harry Potter Monopoly!" so I decided since it doesn't exist, I will just make her one.

Had I known it was going to be 3 months of work I may not have done it, but I do think I came up with something very special and unique for her.

I apologize in advance. I have done a few Instrucatables before and documented them all step by step, but I didn't think I would end up posting this so I don't have a lot of step by step images.

Take what you can from this and make it your own! :)
I am happy to answer any questions.
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Step 1: Get a Monopoly Set

Picture of Get a Monopoly Set
Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.30.48 PM.png
The first major step in creating a custom Monopoly set is getting a standardized one. You will need pieces from it to create your new one.

The board will be essential in gluing down your board print out onto (but more on that later).

The main reason you need to grab a copy of Monopoly is because of the house/hotel pieces.
More importantly, you can choose to not print out new Chance / Community Chest cards, even money if you decide (Although, most all the fun is in the aesthetics if you ask me!).

Houses and Hotels
All the houses and hotels have stayed the same. It is important to keep the same amount of houses and hotels as the original in case of building shortages. So I re-used these pieces.

I ran out of time to try and replace them with something a little more unique (I would have liked to have done castle pieces).
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This is going to help me so much to create mine. I'm also doing it for my wife's 21 birthday. I do have a question though, the houses and hotels how would i go about creating them to castle pieces?
lanna3177629 days ago
This is soooo awesome! I wish I had one, but I know that I won't be able to get all the materials to make it tho cos I can't buy of the internet. How did you create the design of the board( the mauraders map part)?
Zachary48019 months ago

Amazing! I love how real it looks! I thought it was a real game when I first saw it!

imreallyagoodman (author)  Zachary48011 month ago

Haha!! I love it. :)

That's so cool!!! I gonna have to make one myself!

You really should. :)

HelenaTroy7 months ago

as Ron would say "bloody brilliant!!!!" I take my (sorting) hat off to you.

imreallyagoodman (author)  HelenaTroy1 month ago

*Tips hat "Thank you mam." :)

banditsmom6 months ago

You did a fantastic job on this.

imreallyagoodman (author)  banditsmom1 month ago

Thank you so much!

Very nice .Thank you very much

Thank you!! :)

girija.virkar5 months ago
how did you make the money for da monopoly??

What a comment I like it

Love it. :)

if you could just tell me how you made the money? that would be great! you can email me
MickyP15 months ago

how many galleons are distributed to start the game for the character?

imreallyagoodman (author)  MickyP11 month ago

Usually 25 of each dinomination is standard. :)

rcolleary MickyP13 months ago

hi. Do you have the original monopoly? If you do, just look on the instructions and see how many $5 amd $1 you are to distribute to each player at the beginning of the game. He used the galleons and knits as $1 and $5's. Just look at how many $1 and $5 are to be distributed and you will know how many galleon and knuts. If you don't have the original monopoly, and monopoly will work, they are all the same money-wise. If you don't have monopoly at all, just look it up! :)

piercelaveil3 months ago

how much was this trunk?

imreallyagoodman (author)  piercelaveil1 month ago

The trunk usually ranges between $50 - $100. Depends on the features you add. Building the tray was the most work.

sugar_shaneh2 months ago

Are you still selling the download for this? My wife's birthday is next month and I would love to make this for her!!!

imreallyagoodman (author)  sugar_shaneh1 month ago

Hi Sugar_shaneh,

The download is available again. Oddly enough even digital downloads have a stock count and I ran out. :P

Sasha sasha 2 months ago
Can you please make me one for my birthday?? Could you email me for more detail if you still make them and how much etc :) thankyou
imreallyagoodman (author)  Sasha sasha 1 month ago

Hi Sasha,

I would be happy t talk with you about it more. Please provide me your email address, or direct message me on Etsy (

txellT2 months ago

would you e-mail me the designs of the money?, I did one a while ago but I lost it in my computer... and now I'm redesigning everything and it's the last thing I have to do. If you don't won't to it's ok I understand it takes a lot of time . tkank you!

Excuse my english I'm from Barcelona :)

ChristinaM25 months ago

if I pay for he downloads can I open them on a Mac? How do we take the downloads to a store like office max to get them printed? Can they be put on a zip drive? I also messaged you on your etsy account a couple days ago to make sure the downloads are still available.

HelenaTroy7 months ago

absolutely brilliant! kudos to you for thinking of it. sigh, any chance of a Doctor Who Monopoly for an encore???

Helena check out Amazon, they have a Dr.Who Monopoly; it is about $30.

tjaml upi. dear! I was being a bit flip, didn't mean to detract from your own brilliant work
emmyjanexx11 months ago
They look alright, will you paint them to match the style? Or leave that to the buyers choice? I also have a question about your files available on etsy for the board and money etc. when it's downloaded, what would it open up like on my laptop? Will It change the sizing or format because I don't have photoshop? I'd love to make my own but I can't afford photoshop and have no other need for it after this so ill probably buy yours. So basically I was wondering if it will still look the same when I get it printed at a professional store. :)
emmyjanexx11 months ago
Well the closest I found, because I'm buying the houses and hotels on eBay are the hobbit style ones which are around the same colour theme.. I also considered a second hand harry potter chess set but there wouldn't be enough in it I don't think. But I'll let you know
imreallyagoodman (author)  emmyjanexx11 months ago
I was able to find these little castle pieces that are custom made. I am going to include them in my prebuilt ones I sell on Etsy. I'm only getting a small number of them now, but if I can get some more maybe I can send some to you for the $5 cost I'm getting them for.

I'm going to use the castle instead a of hotels, but still keep houses as the smaller ones (huts).
emmyjanexx11 months ago
I was thinking British pounds would be cool but also more expensive than just buying the doubloons like you suggested, something like yens where you get more for you money would be better, although yen don't follow the theme but I'll definitely have a look :)
It'll probably take me like a year to finish it since I'm always short on cash but it's so going to be worth it! Thank you heaps! Also I was a wondering when you make them for people, are they a little bit different to your first one, or do you manage to find the same pieces over and over. Are you still using hotels and houses instead of your idea of using castles instead?
imreallyagoodman (author)  emmyjanexx11 months ago
When I build them for people, they are for the most part the same. There will always be minor differences.

The pieces I never got to change were the buildings. I really wanted "huts" and "castles" but I wasnt able to find pieces like that. If you know of any, let me know! :)

I thought about maybe 3D printing them, but that's a lot of work too. I was hoping to just find some pieces somewhere. :-/
emmyjanexx11 months ago
So amazing! Planning mine out as we speak! Hopefully my boyfriend feels like helping me haha. Also I already have some of the props so I'm already a little ways there. I figure when I come across a nicely priced chest that's when I can properly begin making it, but for now I'm just looking for bargains for the pieces and also thinking about the coins.
I'm wondering if you know if it's possible to go to a foreign exchange store and exchange some money for a currency that has similar coins and isn't so expensive or whether it's frowned upon ?
imreallyagoodman (author)  emmyjanexx11 months ago
Hey There,

Luckily I'm building someone one right now. So this is all fresh in my mind.

For the trunk, I really recommend buying the one on Etsy that I provided a link for (see the link under the trunk section). They are mini replicas of Harry's trunk, and for the price you won't find anything more perfect. I just ordered one and the person that makes them (Brian) said he has some built and ready to ship.

As far as the coins go, luckily my wife works at a bank and I asked her for the scoop. You can go to some banks (like citi or mechanics), or N airport. The main problem though is she that most don't do coins. You may have to research it a bit. If you can get your hands on them, maybe British pounds would be cool.

Let me know if you have any more questions, I'm happy to help! :)
mtofte1 year ago
Hi there I ABSOLUTELY love this! I want to start making my own. My question is how you designed the game board what program did you use and how did you make all the squares to size?
imreallyagoodman (author)  mtofte1 year ago

Hi mtofte,

The board was a ton of work, but essentially I measured the board and created a file to match the size in photoshop. I then used a hi-res image of a monopoly board as a background/overlay reference. In the end though, as long as you have the board size right, you can make the boxes whatever size you like. It will just be overlaid in the end anyway.

Hope that helps.

Michael :)

uwarren1 year ago
Sorry again, but what did you print the Cards on?
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