Step 10: Brandish at Halloween

Give the staff to your favorite wizard or witch, so they can trick or treat armed and illuminated...

Thanks to Caitlinsdad, who had the excellent idea of adding the plastic bugs!
eschneck4 years ago
*Excellent* touch with the excess hot glue "fingers" holding the orb. All in all a very nice and simple setup - thanks for sharing!
karlpinturr4 years ago
Serendipitous, or what? On Tuesday (26th), I was searching for - and ordered - Jersey Walking-stick cabbage SEEDS!!! And then, today (28th), I get the Instructables newsletter with the link to this...

As the name implies, they are mainly associated with the island of Jersey, and were used to make walking-sticks - which is the main reason I was looking for them.

But I'd forgotten that about 20 years ago, I did a few, more intricate, designs for Wizard, Elf, Goblin etc. staffs that I thought about using these plants for.

So, thank you, makendo, for re-igniting something...

Now, I wonder how a colour-changing LED would look..?
aramanthe4 years ago
This is pretty brilliant! I know what's growing in my garden next year... :D