Picture of Wobblebike
A Street performer's bike that bends in the middle. Seemingly impossible to ride, a skilled rider can out-turn a normal bike and weave through crowded streets.

This is THE original Wobblebike. We coined the name in 2000.

I appeared on stage with this bike at the opening event of last years Tour de France - which was televised worldwide.

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Step 1: Getting started

Picture of Getting started
The best frame to begin with is a ladies MTB frame. A smaller frame than you would normally ride is best. if you are under 5'6", a 24" wheeled bike is best. The construction photos show how we did a 20" wheeled one. You will need another scrap bike for parts.

Once you have stripped the frame of parts, Cut the down tube nea to the bottom bracket, and the 'top tube' nea to the headset.

Step 2: Building the link tube

Picture of Building the link tube
The best bit to construct first is the link tube. This has a headtube at each end, and can be made from the downtube and headtube from the main donor bike, with a second headtube form another bike welded in at the other end. I make the tube about 18-22" long and have one headtube a few degrees shallower angle than the other. If the downtube is about 2" diameter this will do, but if your bike has a slimmer tube, then a double-tube design is needed. In this case, you will need two 'downtube and headtube' bits welded together, or a downtube/headtube and a crossbar/heatube. Difficult to describe, so look at the photos.
loy2664 years ago
someone needs to make a wobble motercicle
Patrik6 years ago
Very nice!

Here's another implementation, from the Annals of Instructables - this was one of the very first instructables to be posted, back in '05:

wobble bike
Wobbly John (author)  Patrik6 years ago
Hmmmmm, as we have been featuring our Wobblebikes on our website since 2001, and we were the first to come up with that name for this type of bike, I had wondered where he got his idea from. This is a better quality build and a better design (you don't have to cut the frame up to service the bearings). All credit to the other person though for being an Instructables pioneer.
Hmmmmmm, this is called a Swing Bike and has been around since the 70's...
I just call mine the swivel bike since it doesn't wobble unless I want it to.
2001?!!?! bah! this is basically the same idea as the Swing Bike, which has been around since the 70's. i made myself one like this, in the late 90's.
b-train6 years ago
very cool!! wat are the chances of getting the speed wobbles hahahahah. i imagine it wld be bad. neways nice ible.
You can get speed wobbles pretty easily on this. Got to learn to steer with your butt. It helps.
Walikai6 years ago
That music is awesome!
denkbert6 years ago
Cool instructable :) Damn annoying video music, though.
lol that is so odd =).

yet...possibly awesome? .nice
Cool! Great Instructable! Thanks Joe