Wobbly Woggly : Glowing Goggly Eyes that last forever

Picture of Wobbly Woggly : Glowing Goggly Eyes that last forever

A quick video describing the build :

how long is 5 seconds to a four year old..? forever. eventually, she learns a bit of patience.

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

Picture of Parts and Tools
Wobbly Woggly Goggly Eye Trap : Bright Led April Fools Prank

Firstly, Cleanup your workspace. We'll be working with some fairly small components and a hot soldering iron. Any extra bits around will just get in the way or cause problems.

You need these parts:
- Googly / Woogly / Wobbly Eyes : self sticking goggly eyes

- Battery : 4xAA

- Battery Holder for 4xAA

- BuckToot 350mA Constant Current Led Driver 350ma : This protects the Led from drawing too much current and blowing itself up. I used one in a prior instructable as well. or constant another to build your own Super Simple Led Driver.

- BRIGHT 350mA Led 

- Wake On Shake : This adds a lot of functionality without much work. This will lie domant and consume very little power until it is moved. then the full power of the batteries will be released onto the Leds for crazy birghtness or any affect you conceive 

- Momentary Pushbutton Switch with Normally Closed position : This will allow us to turn off the wake and shake return it to a stand by position.  Here is a nice writeup to understand more:

- headers and a 10k resistor

Also handy:
- Box : anything ( the small red boxes from SparkFun work pretty tightly)

Tools you might need:
 - Soldering Iron
 - Wire Cutters
 - Wire Strippers
 - Glue : I used E6000. I'm sure hotglue could work in a pinch.

Happy April Fools Day !

mpinner (author) 12 months ago

this was unexpectedly adorable when my 4 year old found it:

learning patience is hard.