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My Halloween Wolf hat/mask

I probably will not be posting an instructable for this unfortunately.  This mask was made on a whim, and a lot of trial and error was involved. It, like my others was made from a beanie hat with foam and foam board used to form the structure. The biggest difference is that I made it to where I am looking out through the mouth of the wolf instead of from the eyes, so the mask is in two parts: Head/jaw.  I made a full body costume to go along with this for Halloween, but was unsatisfied with it, so I probably will not be posting pictures of it unless i work on it a bit more.  Hope you like it!  Oh, and it makes for a nice hat! :3


cortes96 (author)2013-08-04

What did you use for the fur

mikey2648 (author)2010-10-03

hey,your efforts are wonderful.i like the idea of an advanced project that expects some of us out here to have the basic skills of 3-D cut and paste activities.Really, i am intrigued by your treatment of the eyes and your accomplished expression is powerful...obviously there is a very talented artist inside of you that is Screamming To Get Out....How wonderful! what's next????

Agreed! So nice! I want to make one too!
Did you use a helmet on the inside?

postulio (author)2009-11-10

pretty cool looking to bad theres not an instructable to go with it though.

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