Hello guys I love Wolverine and his claws. So today I will make some claws in less than a minute. I am entering this for some contests so please vote!

materials: 5 pieces of paper for each claw
I agree with wraith, definitely more sabertooth. Still fun to us when I need something to play with my little bros!
<p>This is mislabeled. These are more like Lady Deathclaws claws or Ripclaw. </p>
<p>Hmmm... If you're going to use something from the X-men, I would say these are more Sabertooth claws than Wolverine claws. After all, Wolverine has 3 long blades come out of his hand between his knuckles, rather than his fingers.</p>
<p>more like knightfall batman claws</p>
I think this might be a put on guys..nice try! lol
You realize these look nothing like Wolverine's.
Fun, though I find these a little more Freddie Kreuger-ish. Kids would love these.

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