video Wolverine Claws In A Minute
Hello guys I love Wolverine and his claws. So today I will make some claws in less than a minute. I am entering this for some contests so please vote!

materials: 5 pieces of paper for each claw
dskcih4 months ago
I agree with wraith, definitely more sabertooth. Still fun to us when I need something to play with my little bros!

This is mislabeled. These are more like Lady Deathclaws claws or Ripclaw.

Wraith510 months ago

Hmmm... If you're going to use something from the X-men, I would say these are more Sabertooth claws than Wolverine claws. After all, Wolverine has 3 long blades come out of his hand between his knuckles, rather than his fingers.

LiamM111 months ago

more like knightfall batman claws

wildhero1 year ago
I think this might be a put on guys..nice try! lol
egillespie12 years ago
You realize these look nothing like Wolverine's.
Fun, though I find these a little more Freddie Kreuger-ish. Kids would love these.