Step 7: Beard and Hair

Aside from the claws, the most recognizable thing about Wolverine is his hairstyle and mutton chops. In the comics Wolverine's hair and facial hair are often drawn to follow the same lines as his mask, with mutton chops following the sides of his mask and his hair tufting up in "wings" along the sides to follow the lines of his mask's horns. They toned that down in the movies (especially the first one), with Hugh Jackman sporting thick mutton chops and stubble / peach-fuzz for the rest of his beard rather than going for the hard line, and I went for something similar.

His hairstyle was also toned down for the first movie and got progressively more and more styled (see here for where it's gotten to now). For hair, I used serious "hair spike" gel and lots and lots of hairspray while my wife helped brush the sides of my hair into curls with a cylindrical brush. As you can see even then one of the curls didn't hold, but it still worked pretty well. The general cut is apparently called a "duck" cut, and was popular back in the 50s -- check out this page for detailed instructions on how to cut and/or style Wolverine hair.

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