Introduction: DIY Wolverine and Assassins Creed Inspired Auto-spike

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The new X-men and Assassins Creed Movie is coming out so i decided to make some thing related to both stories. So I took the Hidden Blade Wolverine's Claws and a random metal rod I had, and put the together to get this BEAST.


Hack Saw

Hex Key


A Triangular Needle File

A Small Adjustable Wrench

A Drill With Bits

A Vice

A Bench Grinder


Some Small Angle Iron

Bolts and Nuts that fit the Angle Iron

Some Rubber ( If allergic to latex there are other alternatives)

Tie Wraps

Some String

A Steel Dowel

An Aluminum Bar

Step 1:

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First Take the Steel rod and slowly grind down a point as to not slip and stab yourself. After that cut the aluminum bar

to the about half the length of the rod.

Step 2:

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Next take the Drill and drill a hole according to the hole in your angle iron. Then take the wrench and hex key

and tighten down the bolt and nut. Repeat this step again on the other side.

Step 3:

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Put the steel into the angle irons top hole's.Then, using the scissors cut the rubber to the appropriate length

and zip tie one end to the metal bar and the other end to the non-pointy end to the steel bar. After that cut the excess zip tie off.

Step 4:

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In Addition, pull back the rod to the wanted length and mark it there. After that process, use the file by making one face of it straight and posturing the straight part of the blade opposite of the angle iron.

Step 5:

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Now to lock this mechanism, simply pull back the rod to the notch and push side ways to put the angle iron in to the notch as shown in the picture.

Step 6:

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Now, just tie the string to the end, the assembly can be mounted with straps or however you want to.

Step 7:

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A Picture of the finished Project!, Also, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS ON ANY PERSON OR ANIMAL. I will not take responsibility for your actions.(Disclaimer)

Step 8:


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