Wome Security Gun


Introduction: Wome Security Gun

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I also think that, now a days girls and women are not safe,
And the population of girls are decreasing day by day because they are mired . l.e, many crimes.
But, government can not provide and type of or another thing.
So, I make this device, When somebody try to tease you, you can use this device.
when you will touch device on somebody's body, it will give the shock of 400 volt for microsecond and you can amazing what will happen.

in this device there is two switches one for torch and another for teaser.



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    I'd suggest at the very least to add a bleed down resistor inline with the capacitors so whoever's using it won't shock themselfs.. and some kind of a safety switch.

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    yes dude! I will more modify it.
    Its exam time going on, that's y I have no more time,
    when I will free to my Exam, I will really do.

    is teaser supposed to tazer?