Picture of Women's Duct Tape Wallet
I have searched everywhere, and there are absolutely NO tutorials on women's duct tape wallets. This is the way I make mine. Takes 30-60 minutes to make so it is not that hard . It has 6 pockets and a coin pouch and an extra space to put anything else.   This is my first instructable so don't be hard

Step 1: Stuff needed

Sorry for no picture but items needed:
   duct tape
   xacto knife
   cutting board
   packaging tape

baconrocks4 years ago
I made a checkered wallet like that one time :) Checkered wallets are the best!!!
Hunter O. (author)  baconrocks4 years ago
I highly agree!!!
The one I carry now is bright blue/white checkers and black on the inside... It's pretty awesome :)
Hunter O. (author)  baconrocks4 years ago
I made someone a wallet it had black and white checkerboard with black white black pockets on one side and white black white on the other
I made a black and white wallet with checkers and black card pockets :) I gave it to one of my friends and it got stolen :(