Picture of Wonderful World Draft Stopper
Wait, is that....nah. Make this delightful item from simple materials to stop that awful draft from coming under the door and keep you warm.

It's never too early to start Spring cleaning and see what items you can find to repurpose.  Used socks aren't really for donation and there is always that odd length of foam pipe insulation left over from previous attempts to make the house more energy efficient.

With some basic sewing, you can put together your own draft stopper.  Use it under a door or even a window to block the chill.  Does not interfere with the normal operation of the door or window.

Please do not confuse a draft stopper with a draft dodger.  You will find those further up North where it is colder.

Step 1: Get scrappy...

Picture of Get scrappy...
Depending on the size of the door, you may need more or less material.

You need three or four pairs of socks to use or you need some stretchy thin fabric.

You need some scrap material pieces to use for the extra decoration.

You need some foam pipe insulation pieces.  They come in various sizes to fit different diameters of pipe.  The bigger sizes will provide a better fit as it hugs the door better.

You will need a little bit of fiberfill to stuff the accessory pieces.

You will need to be able to sew, use of a sewing machine is not required but will make things go a whole lot faster.  I use a serger since it is a whole lot of fun to make things quickly.  A serger will trim and bind the seam as it goes along.

CAUTION: Know how to operate safely around cutting implements, tools, sewing needles and sewing machines.  
pie2010201110 months ago
It looks like Mickey get squished by the door... Poor Mickey
poofrabbit3 years ago
Oh my goodness! I love the idea and I couldn't stop laughing, this is just fantastic!
MicioGatta3 years ago
This is Great!!!!!!! I love it! 8D
grannyjones3 years ago
Thanks to you, I'm out of Depends. . .
caitlinsdad (author)  grannyjones3 years ago
ummm, thanks for sharing that!
This is hilarious!
caitlinsdad (author)  RollerScrapper3 years ago
Getting frostbite and hypothermia is no laughing matter when the landlord turns off the Fn heat. Wait....I am the Fn lanlord....
Another great ible and great subject matter! Can't help but laugh when you look at it!
I would love to see the cat with the legs sticking up.
caitlinsdad (author)  RedneckEngineer3 years ago
You are a bad, bad, person...
Like you didn't grin the first time you seen the stuffed Garfield toys with tire tracks across the middle back in the 80's.
caitlinsdad (author)  RedneckEngineer3 years ago
Hmmmph, I'll have you know I did not buy that. It was a gift from someone close to me!
pezzasaurus3 years ago
This is awesome. I'll have to talk my wife into making one.
caitlinsdad (author)  pezzasaurus3 years ago
Make it yourself and join the manly man sewing circle of all things oddly spectacular.
I accept the challenge! First I have to finish my current project, and then I'll post my results
caitlinsdad (author)  pezzasaurus3 years ago
and if it doesn't turn out well, no worries, it can be a chew toy for the dog.
Jayefuu3 years ago
Poor Mickey :D Brilliant build C'dad, made me laugh. Also solves the problem I have with most draft excluders, this one moves with the door, right?
caitlinsdad (author)  Jayefuu3 years ago
You might have to nudge his feet or ears to get past the doorframe but it moves when you open and close the door. It is a channel shape which is friction fit and held in place under a door. Use socks that won't snag anything on the door sill or make it out of some shop rags or dishtowels.
dreadyjazz3 years ago
I have to make this!!! I just have to finish my other ten projects first. Lol.