Creating a Wonderland Serial plane and environment isn't nearly as hard as it looks! All it takes is a few sharp blades, some patience, and a weekend of inspiration, and you'll be well on your way to completing a noteworthy centerpiece for a party that people will pay attention to!

This is a project involving hot glue and sharp blades. If you are young, please use adult supervision when completing this project!

Step 1: Supplies

A lot of people already have all this stuff laying around their house. What's photographed here is:

*Tracing Paper
*Bristol Board
*Various widths of Foam core
*hot glue gun
*Sobo white glue,
*rubber cement,
*Elmers Glue-All,
*Paper Maiche' paste,
*a french curve,
*tissue paper,
*some random paper I already had,
*mat knife,
*exacto knife,
*spare blades,
*and a self healing mat board.

NOTE: Not all of these are necessary to complete the project. I just thought I would give you different options since different papers and glues have various advantages and disadvantages.
<p>Hey there! For the serial plane what command did you use in illustrator? I tried to youtube it, but couldn't find any tutorials. Thanks!!</p>
ooooooo: Whoaaaa.......... amazing art!!
A lot of work too!!

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