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Everybody knows potato chips but that is not the only thing to make chips with. I use wonton wrappers, the ones used for dumplings and Dim Sum. I always have some in my freezer, so if I have unexpected guests I just pop them into the oven and I have homemade chips.

Step 1:

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This is how you do it:

Cut the wrappers into half so you have triangles. Put them on a baking tray and spray them with oil spray.
LILLIAN-R2 years ago
I love this idea! Did you season them at all?
Pane-Bistecca (author)  LILLIAN-R2 years ago
I did season some with sea salt and herbs, but if you serve them with a spicy dip there's no need for it.
Okay, thanks! =)
De Luca2 years ago
I am surprised that no one has commented yet. This is awesome, well done :)
Pane-Bistecca (author)  De Luca2 years ago
Thank you!
Looks pretty tasty. What kind of oil spray do you use?
Pane-Bistecca (author)  valhallas_end2 years ago
I use Olive oil Spray, but it's up to your taste what you use.
sunshiine2 years ago
I have been trying to find wonton wrappers here and they never have them. I wanted to make something over the weekend. I will have to try this method! Thanks for sharing.
Pane-Bistecca (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
You can use fresh pasta sheets, but I guess that's too much work.
Thanks, That is what I was thinking.