Winter season.  The time of joy, family, friends, snow (if you live in a blistery state), Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, baking, lights, vacation and...... the time of COLDS!

I suffered from the sniffles two weeks ago.  It started out with sneezing and itchy eyes.  I attempted to convince myself for days that it was allergies.  But let’s be honest with ourselves.... where is the pollen? Under the snow? A few days later I had a full blown head cold. 

We all can relate to that, down in the dumps, hoping to get better before our vacation time.  That is when the voice of our mom pops up... and what does mother always say “have some chicken noodle soup.”

I’ll be honest, I love good old fashioned chicken noodle soup, but really, it gets boring after awhile.  So stuck at home I looked for another option while mindlessly surfing the web with my friend, Mr. Kleenex. 

I pushed away “American” chicken noodle soup completely and went “Asian”... Wonton Soup!

A few thoughts before the instructable. I would make a LARGE batch of these wantons and then freeze them.  Sadly you probably won’t have only one cold this winter, or your friends or family might get sick or if you want a quick meal you just heat up chicken broth and throw some of these in. :)

Also, I added bacon to my wonton soup (see picture, the floating orange things), inspired by a local restaurant... but I wouldn’t recommend it (maybe you could try using chinese pork tenderloin instead, just like the restaurants).

And...... Now that I think about it, the cooked wontons look like zombie brains. So... you could potentially die the broth red with a little food coloring and make yourself some perfect halloween party zombie brain soup! 

Step 1: Materials

You Need:

+Wonton Wrappers
+Ginger Root
+Ground Pork
+Hickory Smoked Bacon (Again... I wasn't impressed, go for Chinese Pork Tenderloin cut into long thin strips)
+Rice Vinegar
+Soy Sauce
+Sesame Oil
+Chicken Broth
+Bok Choy
+Green Onions
+Egg (1)
I'm fasting, can't eat till 10/12/13, have 2 make this, may use kale, thanks 4 the post:')

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