I made this for my wife, lover of the tree of life and the moon.

Step 1: Picture

First, find a drawing that you like and print it out as large as you want

Step 2: Outline

Next use a razor to outline the drawing into the wood

Step 3: Burn

After the drawing is outlined by a razor I used a router to define the outline. Once it is as deep as you want take a soldering pen and burn your design into the wood!

Good job.. another thing you could do is use a dremel tool with the carving bit and cut the design than take a torch and burn around the design... so it stands out...
<p>I like that a lot, reverse the negative space. May have another carving in my future!</p>
There are special pens for burning designs into wood and that would be the safest to use so you won't burn the entire piece.
Yeah, they sell like a whole kit for wood burning at Target!
<p>What type of wood was it that you used? Did you have it specially cut or was it something that you ran across somewhere? <br></p>
it was a find from a back roads garage sale, $10. If you are near woods I'm sure someone is cutting. Not sure what type of tree though, sorry.
Beautiful job. His really turned out great
<p>so kind,....actually my first wood project!</p>

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