Picture of Bike Repair Wood Stand
Made from scraps : my bike stand. For ideas only
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Step 1: Basic Design

Picture of Basic Design
No plans: let's go with some feelings, and keep in mind that simpler is better.
The base beam needs to be heavier enought. My stand is approx 20kg/44lb.

Step 2: Add some strenght

Picture of Add some strenght
Do not forget to add some pieces to the main frame.

Step 3: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
Some foam warped in an old inner tube to protect the bike's frame.
A strap to tight the front wheel.
didexo8 months ago

What kind of bike is that? I've been doing 30-40 miles daily and my current bike isn't supporting it.

ErwanJez (author)  didexo8 months ago
Make : GT
Model : Tachyon 2.0 (exist in 1.0 and 3.0)
It's an aluminium MTB frame with Road transmission.
didexo ErwanJez8 months ago


jack0028 months ago

Nice! I like it. Saves money. Those bike stands are really expensive. I'll have to make me one.

reeseecup8 months ago

ya thats an awesome bike man

cykedsiva8 months ago
That's one sexy GT you've got there
ErwanJez (author)  cykedsiva8 months ago
Yep Tachyon 2.0 Fitness Bike is perfect for my 20km/day commuting.
OffBeatSocker8 months ago

Have you thought of not making the thing so heavy, but making the base wider? Like those support beams could be much lower. Have you tried that or does it not work because the lower the base the center of gravity is lower, which means that the whole stand will be overall balanced?

ErwanJez (author)  OffBeatSocker8 months ago
As I explain in intro I've made my stand from leftovers. There're the unused hevea pieces from my second flor stairs, I've not realy the choice for the sizes, it still works great.

Great idea, and very simple. But any ideas on how to make a collapsible version?

ErwanJez (author)  ShadowPatriot908 months ago

Collapsible stand will be weak, but maybe if you try with a metal frame it could make it

Ragwingdriver8 months ago

Can you rotate the peddles without hitting the stand, for truing the rear wheel, adjusting the derailleurs or lubing the chain?

ErwanJez (author)  Ragwingdriver8 months ago
Yep it was the first reason I build it. The upper beam needs to long enought to rotate pedals. Beam lenght = 2 pedals width + bearing cage + 10cm margin.