Picture of Wood Burnt Valentines
This is a wood burnt plaque that I made for my lovely Wife for Valentines Day. Yes most anyone can do this, hopefully these instructions can help. Please beware of all SAFETY issues with wood burning tools.
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Step 1: Pick your material

Picture of Pick your material
Select wood and size of your project. I like using 3/4 inch birch plywood, it is easy and an even burn. Hardwoods like oak are harder to burn and pine is easy but does not burn even due to grain.

Step 3: Add Pattern

Picture of Add Pattern
Can you trace?  That Is all you need to know. if you can draw or not it's that easy. You can apply any drawing, photo that you want by just placing tracing (carbon paper) and transfer to wood (don't over apply pressure) just enough to see outline.

Note: I have made a seperate drawing for each item and can use the same template in different layouts, always good to layout on paper first.


Step 7: Add color

Picture of Add color
Photo's says it all! Color, Color, Color!

Step 9: Clear coat

Picture of Clear coat
Apply protective coat to protect project. I use poly with mat finish but there are other choices (will also make your colors POP!)

FINISHED! Hope you enjoyed.

Time to give it to my Wife because I Love her!

Thank you for looking!
KMCopeland1 year ago
Really, really nice instructable. Thanks!