I am new to case modding but thought I would give it a go. Instead of using real wood, I am using MDF which you can usually buy from your hardware store.
I also want to thank Thermaltake for sponsoring me with a awesome PSU (power supply unit)
Day 1
I am using the metal frame of an old case I have, and plan to fix the MDF to the frame (haven't quite worked out the details of that yet).
I am planning on carving the MDF based on one of my designs that has a Celtic Knot influence. I use the software AutoCAD to draw the design, then print out A4 sheets and stick them together so I have a 1:1 scale of the design that I can use as a template.

Step 1: Wood Carved Computer Case - Day 2

Day 2:
More carving the front panel today.

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