Step 4: Assemble and add the "extras"

- Trace the shelf; cut the felt or foam slightly smaller. for the top shelf, make sure to cut it smaller so that the cable holes are uncovered.
- Spray adhesive on the foam - on a newspaper, or someplace away from your shelf: the spray adhesive is hard to control. Make sure you spray the edges so they don't curl up inside the shelf.

- Carpenter's glue works well. Just make sure to clamp or weigh it tightly so that the join is strong.
- Let tit dry for 24 hours.
- Sequence for square dowels: glue the dowels together first into stacks, then glue the stacks to the shelves. Clamp or weigh them while the glue dries.

- Glue the Command plastic hooks to the shelf pieces and the dowel legs, so that the cables don't dangle.

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Nice work! I'm always a fan of creative cable management.

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