This is a fun to build toy/decoration that easily provides entertainment or simply catches one's eye. It can be built with simple woodworking tools and can easily be throw together within a few evenings.

I know this is probably annoying, but I've entered this in the Toy, Fathers Day, and Epilog V Contest's. If you like it, show some love by giving me a vote :)

Tracing Paper
6" X 6" (1/4" thick)plywood-for arms
10 1/4" X 5 1/8" (1 3/8" thick) softwood-for body
13 3/4" X 8" (3/4" thick) plywood-for base
5 1/2" X 12 5/8" (1/16" thick) balsa or plywood-for windmill sails
2 3/4" diameter wooden wheel (can be purchased at a hardware store)
12" long stiff wire
2 x 12" long (5/8" thick) dowels-for uprights
9 1/2" coat hanger wire
1 x 1/4" nut, bolt, and washer (at least 3" long)
1 x 1/16" nut, bolt, and washer
wood glue
acrylic paints
Polyurethane varnish
Sharp craft knife
drill bits to match dowels and bolts
needle nosed plyers
small saw
carving knife

( I included an image of the template I used)

Step 1: Cutting Out the Parts

The first step is very simple, cut the parts out with the template provided with the fretsaw.
Selling for 300 pound
I would use a drop of nail varnish on the nut to hold it in place as it is waterproof
Animate a bit of the back yard!!! fun
I definitely do not mind! That's pretty cool :)
Hya Steveo1357, hope you do not mind but i used you instructable and modelled it for 3D printing! <br>http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:117275
How did I miss this one? This is totally awesome, thank you for sharing your awesomeness :[).
Very Nice, Impressed! Wish I knew someone could make me one
Yea, it was an adaptation from something I found in an old book
Great project. Well done - looks really cool. I think I might try to adapt this for a kinetic metal sculpture.
Thanks for this post! My great-grandfather made things like this for the grandkids . . . brought back many sweet memories for me. Maybe I can try to make some of my own, too!
Hi, nice work. Just curious, the template says, &quot;Woodcutter page 82 to 87&quot;. Is that a magazine or book you got the template from?
oh and quiltslongarm, the figure should be about 10 in. tall <br>
There, the video should be up now :) sorry for the wait. Bodmer, that's definitely a good point, I've been looking around for some different hardware that I could use for the windmill mechanism but I haven't found anything very suitable. Thanks for all the helpful comments! :)
Hey Steve, do you have a short video of it by any chance?..it would be very nice to see it running...errrr, I mean chopping ;-) Very nice project, well done :-)
Great. The mechanism side needs some development, it won't last long outside. Add proper bearings and end stops to take the &quot;thrust&quot; from the prop. Constrain the push rod on the crank so it does not drop over the bend.
I really enjoyed seeing this. It makes my mind race at all the things I could make...well, think I could make.
Stefan, the template does not appear to be full scale. What size should the main <br>body be? <br>Thank you, <br>Pam
Here's an even easy and fun way to make a whirligig <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y0SnkLCiyI
I am going to make this with plastic and metal parts. It will last much longer outdoors than wood. There is a Fisherman one like this too. Oh, and a Hen &amp; Chicks. They are wind powered (animated) too! If I find the plans I will post them. Thanks, I now have another reason to go down into my cool basement workshop on these hot days!
I love whirly-gigs and automata! Great job!
Nice job Steveo.
You got my vote...I do a little toymaking and have never tried a windmill before...hope to use your plans! Thanks for sharing!
This is wonderfully done! I love these things, but have never seen one made before! Thanks for sharing :)
Awesome Job! This would look great with my picnic table!
Yea you really should, that would be pretty impressive
Really clever.... I feel this should be a standard D&amp;T excercise at schools. I just did this a few weekends ago in Berlin http://youtu.be/-0h5nvo3luE and am wondering if I should do a wind-powered one now: Thanks for the inspiration!!
Thanks :) yea ill try and get one up soon
Nice project! Do you have a video of the finished wood chopping mill? (with some wind, of course :-))
But if you can print the image on regular A4 size paper it should end up being the right size.
I only have it as an image file, i'll try and convert it to a pdf for you.
Awesome, but I don't see the template, can you please try to reattach it?

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