Wood Christmas Ornament 2014


Introduction: Wood Christmas Ornament 2014

There was a challenged issued by some fellow woodworkers to make a Christmas Ornament from wood. Specifically but not limited to wood turning. I had this idea and I think it turned out great! I enjoy making toys from wood so this seemed the logical translation for a Christmas Ornament. The woods used were Airplane fuselage- maple, engine shroud- walnut, aircraft wings and control surfaces cocobolo, and the propeller is cherry. The trust between the wings were dowels I had on hand.



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    Thank you so much! I entered it in the wood contest. Tell all your friends! :)

    Very nice. I make a similar one, mine mimics the stagger wing Beech. My trusses are flat Z shaped pieces that push the top wing back. Sorry no pics from last year. Will start making some soon.

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    Very nice! I don't think I have seen a Christmas Ornament like this before but perhaps I saw one years past and had it in my mind. :) Would love to see yours!