Introduction: Wood Christmas Tree

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For several years I have been building a christmas tree that I want to share with you, I hope you like it and I hope you build it

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

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I start the building process with some pine wood sticks the measures are ¾” thick and 4 feet long with a fillet.

Then I cut the sticks in 20 parts starting from 3” to 11” with increments of 3/8”.

Step 2: Drilling Process

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After the cuts I drill a hole of ½” thick in the middle of each piece, and two 3/16” holes that don’t go through all the stick, each one of this holes in the extreme of the stick, the purpouse of this holes is to hold the lollipops.

You can see the progress with all the sticks cut to the correct meassure and with the 3 holes

Step 3: Sanding the Sticks

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After all the sticks are cut and drilled I sand the sticks

Step 4: The Stand

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The tree stand it’s made with two parts: the first one with a 1 ½”x12” piece with a ½” drill hole in the center of the piece, and two pieces of stick that are glued at the extreme of that stick. The second one its a 8 ½”x 1½” with a ½”drill hole in the center. In the second piece (the one that is at the bottom of the tree) the rounded ½” stick its glued. After it dries you can instert the wood pieces. I usually do the finish with some almond/danish oil.


Anouka (author)2016-11-26

what happens after step four.

cess123456 (author)Anouka2016-12-04

After the step four I do the finish with some almond/danish oil, once the wood pieces have dried, I instert one by one to assembly the tree :)

christa627 (author)2016-11-24

"Do they still make wooden Christmas trees?" Apparently so! XD

You got my vote! :-)

cess123456 (author)christa6272016-12-04

Thank you :)

Cats Dragon (author)2016-11-22

I love this! Good instructions, easy to follow. Thank you for posting this, good job.

cess123456 (author)Cats Dragon2016-12-04

Thank you! I hope you build it

Swansong (author)2016-11-21

This is adorable :)

cess123456 (author)Swansong2016-12-04

Thank you! :)

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