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Introduction: Wood Desk

Here is a simple wood desk that you can make for around $200.

Step 1: Sand & Stain Wood

I purchased a glued pine 6ft by 2ft board from a local hardware store for around $30. I sanded it down, stained it a driftwood color (about 3 coats), and then applied a Polycrylic finish. I did this because I wanted a completely smooth and even tabletop for setting a computer on it.

Step 2: Apply Plumber Hardware for Landing Gear

I decided to go with 3/4 inch steel piping for the legs. You can make these into whatever height you'd like. I also love the fact that when I move again someday, I can just take the legs off and move the desk very easily.

12 x 3/4″ black flanges (feet)
12 3" Pipes ¾” Black Iron
4 90 Degree Elbow Pipes ¾” Black Iron
8 T Pipes ¾” Black Iron
6 10" Pipes ¾” Black Iron
2 18" Pipes ¾” Black Iron
32 ¾" Length Screws

This definitely was the most expensive part of the desk. This in total cost around $175.

P.S. - I also didn't realize how dirty my hands would get! Made it look even more impressive to my wife.

Step 3: Mission Accomplished

Insert computer, lamp, old camera, and grenade on top of desk and you are completed.



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Replaced the temporary MDF top with a stained pine top.

15, 10:02 PM.jpg

Finished my desk and love it.

15, 8:54 AM.jpg

That is AWESOME! Looks fantastic! Great work! I love the color!

Hi Ryan, priced parts today and noticed that the pipes don't thread all the way down on the connectors. Or at least not w my hands in the store. Was it hard to make everything level or match?

It was a bit difficult. I didn't have as much trouble with the leveling but I did have to go to a few hardware stores to make everything match and to find the correct connectors. Let me know if you need anything else!

Thanks Ryan. I love your desk and I'm looking forward to making my own very soon

Are the pipe measurements available at the store or did you have to them cut and threaded?

Hey jumbehr! I found all of them between a few different hardware stores already cut and threaded. I wish I was cool enough to say I did it myself but I wouldn't even know where to start! Happy hunting for pipes! You could also adjust the height of the desk by purchasing longer pipes for the longest measurement.

I took a wet paper towel to them and it really helped. I haven't noticed any issues since!

This is a great looking table. I really like how you did the pipes underneath; that looks like a brilliant way to support the top. Very cool!