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l bought a used IBC which had honey in it, the heating coil l had made in china out of stainless steel, l fabricated the stand for the heater coil, ash tray from aluminium and the adjustable fire basket from airconditioning duct,l also made a heat shield for the front of the very hot coil, on the sharp edge of the cut IBC l used slit pool noodles, which is great to lean on. The fire in the heating basket takes about 4 hours to heat the water to 40oC. My hot tub is totally portable and l take it to our holiday shack ......we enter the tub with a small step ladder and sit on kids chairs while soaking and looking at the little project has set me back about $400 AUD and it sure runs rings around the more expensive tubs on the market.............thankyou for reading.


dhornsby (author)2016-05-11

Could you provide details for where we can get the coil made?

NeilR55 (author)2017-06-11

Anybody know if this can be made from copper the coil?

Numpad (author)NeilR552017-07-28

Copper would be the best option to be honest!

tomatoskins (author)2015-11-12

Really cool idea! How did you attach the coil to your tub?

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