Wood Fired, Stone baked, Pizza Oven

Picture of Wood Fired, Stone baked, Pizza Oven
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Having decided to make a pizza oven there are a few things you need.
Solid base to build on.   It ends up very  heavy!
I used concrete blocks and then made a steel frame and poured a concrete pad on top.
In the middle area where the base of the oven will be I a poured a concrete/vermiculite base about 30mm thick to act as insulation for the stone.

next step is to create the chamber

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Step 1: The chamber

Picture of The chamber
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2013-09-27 17.33.16 - Copy.jpg
The all important chamber stores the heat and focus's the heat from the fire onto the floor where the cooking will happen.

For this I used Blue engineering bricks, type A are the only ones good for this sort of heat, you don't need firebricks (they cost lots)
I used about 200 bricks, got them for about £60 off ebay

the mortar needs to be high temp, so a mix using terracotta clay sand and cement was used, it goes off but gets harder when fired.
as you can see i created a form using hardboard and ply. I bought the clay from a kiln/pottery suppliers. It needs to be high temp firing.

As you can see from the second 2 photos I have created the chamber then used regular bricks backed by firebricks to make the opening on the front, I used a form for this brickwork as well.

There is a special dimension for the opening, The height of the opening needs to be no more then about 70% of the height of the chamber otherwise smoke comes out and it needs to be wide enough to allow good access.

What an awesome build! What "tool" are you using to slide the pizza in and out, it looks pretty big?
indalohouse (author)  digitalmonkeyman1 year ago
I bought a 12" pizza peel , there are photos of it in the last pages, the original one was just thrown together to test the oven prior to it arriving, you also need a hook and something to shove things about and a brush on a stick is very useful but it needs to be natural bristle not plastic as you use it to clean the oven floor between pizzas or after moving the ask about, even then it singes a little.

nicest looking wfo that I have seen. It has given me inspiration to make ours in a similar style, so thanks for posting