Introduction: Wood Flowers

What can you do, if it is winter and you find no flowers for your girlfriend?
Go in your workshop and make some :)

These flowers are very easy and quick to make.

For a better overview, please watch the video.

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What you need

  • table saw
  • edge sander
  • drill press
  • scroll saw or jig saw
  • wood
  • wooden rod
  • wood glue
  • water or acrylic colors
  • linseed oil

Step 1: Sawing Strips

Picture of Sawing Strips

The flowers are made from 4 triangle pieces of wood, Each angle of them is 60 degrees.

therefor I tilt my saw blade to 30 degrees and cut the edge of a piece of wood.

Then I flipped it over and cut it on the other side. I got a strip with 3 identical angle.

Step 2: Sawing the Petals

Picture of Sawing the Petals

The petals have the same angle of 60° on the top and the bottom. To make this cut in a save way a made a little jig for my cross cut sled.

I recommend: don't try this without this jig

Step 3: Sawing the Center Piece

Picture of Sawing the Center Piece

The center piece has a 90° angle on the top and bottom. This cut is not so difficult and you can make it with your normal cross cut sled.

Step 4: Drill a Hole in the Center Piece

Picture of Drill a Hole in the Center Piece

With my drill pres I drilled a hole through the center piece all the way trough. It is not very exact and I made it only eye measured.

Step 5: Sandig the Petals

Picture of Sandig the Petals

With my edge sander I sanded the top of the petals concave and the bottom convex.

Step 6: Gluing the Blossom Together

Picture of Gluing the Blossom Together

With wood glue I glued the petals on the center piece

Step 7: Sanding the Blossom

Picture of Sanding the Blossom

After the glue was dry, I removed every unperfection with the edge sander.

Step 8: The Leaf

Picture of The Leaf

for the leaf I cut a piece of wood with ca 1 cm thickness on the table saw.

Then I drilled a hole in a very sharp angle through it, with my drill press

To make this, I started with a flat angle and increased it more and more.

Step 9: Sanding the Leaf

Picture of Sanding the Leaf

With a scroll saw I gave the leaf a rough form.

On the edge sander I sanded it to a lens shape, then I sanded the middle part until it was 3 or 4 mm thick.

Then I sanded the ends from the other side also to 3 mm thickness.

Step 10: Assembling

Picture of Assembling

I put a wooden dowel through the hole in the leaf and put the blossom on top. I secured everything with a drop of wood glue.

Step 11: Painting

Picture of Painting

I painted everything with water colors and after the color was dry with linseed oil.


mrsmerwin (author)2017-03-18

these remind me a bit of the flowers my dad used to make to "plant" in people's gardens. These are a bit more complicated but the extra work seems like it is worth it. Your girlfriend is a lucky woman. These will last longer than regular flowers.

Leighbells (author)2017-03-07

Very cute project!

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