Step 2: Lumber Cut List

Picture of Lumber Cut List
Here a majority of the cuts needed for the project:

(4) 2x6 x 40-1/2" (Back supports)
(2) 2x4 x 40-1/2" (Bottom rails)
(4) 2x4 x 48" (Corner posts)
(16) 1x4 x 36" (Cedar-Side slats)
(3) 2x4 x 33" (Slide supports)
(1) 2x4 x 37-1/2" (Slide face)
(4-6) 1x6 x 37-3/8" (Cedar-Front slats)

Cut the half sheet of plywood to 36" wide by 48" tall. (You can have the home improvement store do this for you!)

Using the tape measure and carpenter's square, measure and cut the pieces above with your saw.

The last 2x4 will be marked and cut in Step #7 , for the slide support.