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Introduction: Wood Gas Stove

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Wood gas is formed by the destructive distillation of wood. Amongst other gases, the main constituent of wood gas is carbon monoxide, a flammable (but highly toxic!) gas. Do not use this stove indoors.

Wood gasification offers a highly efficient and largely smokeless method for cooking.

Do not be tricked into buying a commercial wood gas stove with an electric fan. If you build your own stove properly then there will be sufficient air throughput without recourse to a fan. You will also save yourself a lot of money. Anyway, who goes camping and takes a fan with them!?

This video shows you the operation of a wood gas stove.

Plans for this (MIDGE) stove and other information on wood gas are at http://www.woodgas.org.uk



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    thanks for the reply. And I have to agree with you not having music in you video it really gives you a feel for what your watching.

    very good stove.
    can I ask what the outer can was and if it was bigger you could heat your house or garage with it. $-)

    1 reply

    It was a 25 litre vegetable oil can.

    Feel free to experiment!

    i just made like a hour ago it is a good cookin tool keep up the good work

    It's refreshing to see a video with no music /.commentary track (like your others) and just the natural sound (inc the birds)
    Nice video, serious-looking stove.


    2 replies

    Thank you.

    I hate the sound of my voice so nobody is ever going to hear it online.

    Nor will you hear music on my videos as there is one thing you can be sure about musical tastes; everybody's is different and everybody hates each others.

    I agree. You show the process, we hear the subtle noises and see how it works.