Wood gas is formed by the destructive distillation of wood. Amongst other gases, the main constituent of wood gas is carbon monoxide, a flammable (but highly toxic!) gas. Do not use this stove indoors.

Wood gasification offers a highly efficient and largely smokeless method for cooking.

Do not be tricked into buying a commercial wood gas stove with an electric fan. If you build your own stove properly then there will be sufficient air throughput without recourse to a fan. You will also save yourself a lot of money. Anyway, who goes camping and takes a fan with them!?

This video shows you the operation of a wood gas stove.

Plans for this (MIDGE) stove and other information on wood gas are at http://www.woodgas.org.uk

thanks for the reply. And I have to agree with you not having music in you video it really gives you a feel for what your watching.
very good stove. <br>can I ask what the outer can was and if it was bigger you could heat your house or garage with it. $-)
It was a 25 litre vegetable oil can.<br><br>Feel free to experiment!
i just made like a hour ago it is a good cookin tool keep up the good work <br>
It's refreshing to see a video with no music /.commentary track (like your others) and just the natural sound (inc the birds)<br /> Nice video, serious-looking stove.<br /> <br /> L
Thank you.<br /> <br /> I hate the sound of my voice so nobody is ever going to hear it online.<br /> <br /> Nor will you hear music on my videos as there is one thing you can be sure about musical tastes; everybody's is different and everybody hates each others.<br />
I agree. You show the process, we hear the subtle noises and see how it works.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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