This stove is a simple lightweight stove that uses wood coals as its heat source.  This stove isent reely a "wood gas" stove, but a stove that burns wood and blows on it to make it burn faster.  A true woodgas stove would capture woodgas (CO and H2) and just burn that. Anyway, lets get started!

Step 1: Materials

1) small boyscout popcorn tin, or any steel can that is about 7 or 8 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter, and IT MUST HAVE A LID

2) a soup can ( mine was for green giant beans)

3) a small computer fan, preferably 12 volt ( it can run off of a 9 volt batery)

4) JB weld or any other appoxy

5) a 9 volt battery or battery to suit your fan

6) aluminum tape or a tape resistant to heat

Get a longer can and cutting flaps on the opening and fanning it out so it overlaps the boyscout tin so you don't have to resort to welding. Love the idea.
it was actualy aluminum tape, which held for a while, but eventually deteriorated, i have not had time to tweak the design and post an update, but i will get around to it eventualy, im thinking of fabricating the stove without tape, and including a duct to keep the fan away from the heat, posibly even putting speed settings on the fan?
that furnace tape or what ever kind of tape it is i used furnace tape and it melted and caught fire. i dont no how it worked out for you but i hoped it worked
If you add a row of&nbsp; vent holes on the interior can right near the top edge you will increase the efficiency of the stove substantially. The way the stove works in the configuration you have made much of the flammable wood gas is being blown out the top before it can burn completely. The additional vent holes will allow more air to mix with the wood gas allowing more complete combustion and less smoke. That should also let more of the heat come out from between the cans where it is wasted.<br /> <br /> Also some folks I have seen make some short standoffs between the fan and can which protects the fan from getting to hot from the can.<br />
It would be good to have this lit and see what it'll do? But I know the tape won't last when it gets good &amp; hot, that stuff just doesn't last.<br /> <br /> L<br />
yeah ive found that out, but it will retain its shape well enough to keep the can from moving, especialy when it fits snugly in the lid. the bigger problem is making shure the fan dosent overheat
You might be able to add a drink-can between the fan &amp; stove?<br /> <br /> L<br />
That would work, or even another tin can, because the aluminum ( just like the tape) dosent last well

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