Picture of Wood Inlay Ornament with the Othermill


It's Danielle from Other Machine Co. This Instructable is for a wooden holiday ornament that I made for my new Grandmother in-law, Polly. I love the feel of wood and the beauty of inlaid patterns, so I wanted to see how our machine would measure up. This is my first project in wood using our machine, the Othermill, and I've included all the files that you will need. I made the cut patterns using Vcarve, which I will not describe in detail here. If you don't have an Othermill, but want to see what the files look like, you can open them using our free software, Otherplan, or any other G-code visualizer.

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Step 1: Gather Tools and Files

Picture of Gather Tools and Files

Inlays are most dramatic when you use dark and light pieces of wood. I chose a dark piece for the base, and a light colored piece for the inlay. The letter "P" is for "Polly," but you could also make a "P" ornament for any number of other names starting with "P." You could also just go around cutting "P"'s into everything.

You will need:

1. One 3" x 3" x 0.675" block of dark colored wood.

2. Two 3" x 3" x 0.102" pieces of light colored wood. One of these will be the sacrificial layer below the piece of wood you are cutting.

3. One 1/32" two-flute, flat endmill. This is used to cut the "P" pocket, and the "P" inlaid piece.

4. One 1/8" two-flute, ball endmill. This one is used to cut the outline of the circle into the thicker piece of wood. For this reason, this endmill needs to have a cutting surface that is longer than the thickness of the wood (0.675").

5. Double sided tape

6. An Othermill (or other desktop milling machine)

7. Three files: "Pocket P" cuts the pocket that the "P" inlay will fit in. "bigcircle" cuts out the circle for the ornament. and "P Outline" cuts the P that will fit down into the pocket. The filenames for these three files remind me of the endmill size, pass depth, feed rate, and etc.

That Othermill is pretty awesome!

Very pretty!