Wood Jewelry in a CNC




Introduction: Wood Jewelry in a CNC

Made your own wood jewelry with wood remains from your workshop and a CNC. I use remains of woods like Ebony, Rosewood or Ash, used in guitar making, to recycle and because get a great result and Beauty. As music is my life, almost everything I do is related to it.

It,s a own design I developed over several years. Only need your wood remais, a CNC, oil and sand, attached drawings and plans for download in DXF extension.

You can also check out my website! www.paoson.com

Step 1: Video and Instructions

Check this video to see the steps, it is very intuitive and easy. I made picks, violins, buttons or rings, I've also used motherpearl. The most important is a good sanding of all parts, it is most important for a good finishing, begins with 120 grit sandpaper and ends with 600, I use two coats of a homemade aromatic oil, and then I bought online the metal hardware...good luck!

Youtube Video



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