Wood Lathe Mod No. 4 - Lathe Bed Bench Attachment





Introduction: Wood Lathe Mod No. 4 - Lathe Bed Bench Attachment

You can never have enough work bench space.

I have been meaning to do this one for ages now, finally got around to doing this  a few days ago ( just the right piece of scrap plywood happened to be in the shed at the time) the project took about 20 mins to do and is proving to be very useful indeed as it is at a perfect height to work at while standing thus making things easier for my bad back.

I am still able to use approx 1/2 of the lathe bed with the bench attached, this is usually more than enough to carryout most of my turning projects.

The bench is made from a piece of 3/4" plywood and is easily removed when the full lathe bed is needed.

Materials used:

3/4" plywood scraps approx 24" x 18"
3/4" plywood scraps
M6 coach bolts long enough to suit the lathe bed.
M6 washers
M6 wing nuts

I used power tools and a nail gun, but hand tools could also be used and it could be put together with wood screws.

Thanks for looking and i hope the idea inspires your own mods.



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This set up of yours would lend itself well to using the lathe head to power something like a home made scroll saw by chucking an eccentric to the spindle.

Glad you liked the idea.

I use it mainly for the pillar drill and band saw a it brings the work up to about chest height.

Has proved to be very useful as its at a nice height for me to work at while standing without having to stoop any when doing stuff,

I'm good with how much workbench space I have. I could use a bigger workshop though.

We (you and me) are a little similar. I am always thinking things to facilitate my life, too.

I suffer from a back problem that is causing me allot of pain, most of my projects are so i can still use my tools without having to bend allot and put any unwanted stress on my back.

With the right tools and materials an engineer can make anything.