Step 9: Final Assembly of the Manikin Lamp

It's time to solder the wires back together. You could use wire nuts but I like soldering to save room. Strip the ends a good 3/4" each, wrap them around each other and then solder them together.

Make sure you match up the correct wire to the correct wire.  One of them has little ridges on it, and one has writing.  Pay attention and line it up correctly. Be sure to put heat shrink tubing or electrical tape over the exposed bits.  

Once you have done that you can test the lamp and see if it works!  Put in a bulb and plug it in.  Oh no, no light!  Try the on/off switch.  Hey, now it lights up!  Yay team. 

Tie a knot in the wiring and put that next to the channel you carved into the bottom.  At his point, flood the bottom with hot glue to hold it all in place, making sure the wires don't stick out above the hogged out area.  There should be plenty of room.  

Finally, cut some of that 2mm black foam sheet to about 3.75" x 3.75".  Stick it on the bottom of the base to cover over the hole and the wiring and the hot glue, and to give the base a pad to rest on.  At this point, the lamp is done.   Now it's on to finishing up the iPad prop.  

<p>I made this and the instructions worked out great. I made a guitar as a prop rather than an iPad. I made a Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul in Draftside CAD then cut out on my homemade cnc. </p>
<p>The choice of bulb really makes this great. Plus it should direct the light down. Simple but elegant - I have one of these wood models sitting on a desk screaming to be upgraded!</p>
<p>I made this!!!</p>
<p>I got my Forstner bits today and started drilling, I feel like crap now i mistook the 5/8&quot; for the 1/2&quot; and wrecked the center ball badly, had to glue it back together. I guess it will work. I am so looking forward to getting my 1/4&quot; tubing soon, I ordered it. I have all the rest, I found a deal at a local store for Christmas lights for a Christmas Village house set, and I ordered 4 bulb from eBay and they are pretty cool, silver and all. I am working on getting some micro screws now and such to reattach the springs inside.</p>
I think the ipad is kind of weird, but i really like the concept!
Your creation reminds me of <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyro_Gearloose" rel="nofollow">Gyro Gearloose's </a>little robot Little Helper
Cool idea. Consider making an iron-man version with an LED light either in the chest or out of his hand. :)
This is really cool, ive been experimenting with lamps lately, and seperately the little wooden guys... you combined both of my time consumers.
Yes, I much prefer your take over the Colgao lamp! Nicely done!
WOW! Great one!<br>
Like it! The choice of bulb is a nice touch as well!

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