Wood Muscle Car Build - a CNC Project


Introduction: Wood Muscle Car Build - a CNC Project

This was a very fun and easy CNC project. I got sidetracked the other night online and wound up looking at wood models of cars and boats and planes. After seeing how many of them were made I figured it would be easy to design a car in Inkscape for cutting on my small 3040 CNC. And really was easy to do.

I played around with shapes and screen snips until I was happy with my design. The image was saved as an SVG and then opened up in a program called Jscut (Jscut.org) for the tool paths.

Once the tool paths were created the text file was opened up in Mach3 and cut out of cheap pine shelving. The video shows the process.

Thanks for taking a look!

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDYCpWLUhEo



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    Please post the files used to make the car. Would love to make one with my son. Thanks!

    Did you just screw the bolts into the body or dud you have some sort of threaded insert

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    I pre drilled holes just slightly smaller than the bolts and then screwed them into the wood. It holds very well.