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So I got this idea from another persons instructable and decided to do one of my own. His is here http://www.instructables.com/id/Pallet-shelves/ . I liked his but had never made an instructable and decided to give it a try. I needed to organize the camping and boy scout stuff that basically accumulates in my basement so these seemed like a great option. At $8 Each these are excellent. 

Step 1:

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FIrst off, you need to find wooden pallets and free is best! I got mine from a local roofing company. most of the big name stores wont give theirs away or use the new plastic ones that they have to send back on their trucks. Also you need a box of 3 or 4 inch screws and 4 six foot 2x4's per shelving unit.
katerlyn4 months ago

Love them all, thanks everyone. I was looking to make pallet racks and this might help the process.

gungriffonbr made it!5 months ago

i made but everything i used is from pallets! your instructable helped me alot! =) thanks!

HagridsMom11 months ago

looks good - thanks! Nice tut - seems much easier process than some shelves I had made previously.

Jdohl691 year ago

Thanks. I can see no reason at all not to go this route in my basement. Thanks for taking the time and putting this up here.

blackghost2 years ago
great idea ! but u should have cut them the other way so the 2x3's , on edge, would be taking the weight , not the thing boards on top. depends on the load u expect to be putting on selves i guess.
Tgauchsin (author)  blackghost1 year ago
You are probably right on that. next time i build them i will try that. I think i did them this way due to the shelf width vs length...
pamd2 years ago
Very nice idea. Love the difference to your garage! Nice work!
Lorddrake2 years ago
if you are getting sway in your finished shelves you can also add a diagonal cross brace to the unit. That should take away most in not all of the movement for you.
Tgauchsin (author)  Lorddrake2 years ago
I actually anchored them to the vertical beams on my walls. The walls in that room are framed but not dry walled and I don't intend on putting up dry wall. it will remain a storage room.
Tupulov2 years ago
Excellent idea. Well done!