Wood & Paper Shoji Floor Lamp


Introduction: Wood & Paper Shoji Floor Lamp

This is a lamp I made as a gift for my mom. She has an oriental themed dining room, and this fit in well. It was inspired by a similar lamp which I saw in Benihanas. For the frame I used 3/4 pine stock, and 1' x 1' x 1/2" squares as the shelves/lamp base (bought as is from a craft store). 1cm x 1/2cm basswood (also from a craft store) makes up the lattice, and mulberry paper for the shade. I used glue and thin nails to assemble it. Also electric stuff too. I was going to make a full instructable, but I didn't take pics in the process, plus it started getting really long, and to be honest, there are probably lots of better ways to do it than the way I did it. If you have any specific questions on how I did anything feel free to ask, and I will try to respond. Thanks!



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    Hey i just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the inspiration and show you one i had made. I owe it to you!

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    Wow, sorry I never saw this. Nice job, I like that it has lamps on top and bottom!

    Nice adaptation.

    I love the look of your lamp. What a nice gift for your mom. It's beautiful.

    Where did you get your shoji or washi paper? Nice gig.

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    I just looked for the exact place I got the mulberry "rice" paper but couldn't seem to find it, but a google shopping search turned up a healthy amount of results. This one looks very similar to the one I bought:
    Just make sure the width of the roll you buy is wide enough for your purpose. Thanks!

    Cool lamp! Cute cat too.