Introduction: Wooden Pencil Holder

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Here is a project that I made by recycling wooden discs. Initially I made wooden coasters and selecting my wood I excluded the less beautiful slices. So I made a pencil holder with the wooden discs.

Step 1: Cutting Wood and Drill a Hole

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I suggest you recycle wood of your other projects. Otherwise you can use a piece of wood and cut slice about half an inch or less. For a more tapered look, use several sizes of logs and choose the slices that aggance best.

Depending on the size of your slices the cutting diameter can vary. I used about 2.5 inches.

The slice that will serve as the bottom should not be drilled.

I will not worry if you if you break the crust.

EDIT : As I do not have these tools at home and I have no photo, I did some drawings illustrating this step.

Please attach the clamps strong, because the shape of the timber does not allow effective clamping. Also, I used a drill with electric cord because often the drill with battery are not strong enough.

Step 2: Repairing the Bark.

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For this section you need wood glue. If the bark is broken, used glue to reattach the bark.

I can sand the slices for a more pleasant feel.

Step 3: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Assemble the slices that coordinate best together, choose your height too. You can see on the picture the pen position with the number of slice.

Once your choice is made, glue together with wood glue.

EDIT : I added a drawing to illustrate the assembly. Please use clamps once your assembly is completed and glue applied.

Step 4: Finishing Repair

Picture of  Finishing Repair

I was not satisfied with the bark and finish, so I filled in the holed with wood putty. Sand if necessary.

Step 5: Dyeing

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As a final step, I suggest you applying dye to beautify the holder and hide the putty. Choose the color that suits you best. In my case, I did not think that going out too dark: so I rinsed and dry the pot to alleviate color, in the end it gives me look older.

Thank you to all! I hope this instructable will inspire you. I apologize for my English, if you do not understand, feel free to comment.


elvioch made it! (author)2016-09-30

great. At home I have several trunks way to be vases

OlivierM4 (author)elvioch2016-10-02

Awesome, I glad that my instructable inspire you! There are so many way to give a second life to wood :)

adamloooong (author)2016-09-02

You didn't leave any kind of information about how you went about cutting the holes whic I this is key in making this project

OlivierM4 (author)adamloooong2016-09-03

I'm sorry, I just added a few drawings in the hope that it helps.

adamloooong (author)2016-09-02

which* not which I this ... Autocorrect going rogue

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