In this instructable i will show you how to make a pickguard for your guitar or bass that will replace the plastic/celluloid/polyurethane pickguard on your instrument. Having a wood pickguard can really accent your instrument, especially if it has a natural wood finish. Its also pretty easy

Step 1: Supplies

A sheet of Birch plywood in whatever thickness you want. (not too thin, or it will crack and splinter when you are cutting it

Utility scissors

Exacto knife

Power drill with drillbit matching the width of the screws holding the pickguard in place

Wood stain (optional)

Wood finish (I used Deft)

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I found that eighth inch (3mm) plywood can be formed quite readily with an Epilog laser, if you have one. You would just have to measure exactly where each important cut went, and burn it out. If you did that, I would suggest that you just make marks where drill holes go, and then drill them to the proper diameter with a drill. I am not quite sure how to get a hole of a specific size in a specific location.
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This looks really awesome.
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Yeah, im putting up a picture right now.
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