Picture of Wood Picture Plaque (I made it at TechShop!)
I will share how I made a wood picture plaque at TechShop -

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Step 1: Jointer / Planer to Smooth Rough Cut Wood

Picture of Jointer / Planer to Smooth Rough Cut Wood
Starting with a rough cut piece of wood, which is less expensive, use the Jointer to smooth out one side.  Use paddles to safely move the material over the blade.  Don't cut more than 1/16 of an inch at a time.  

Once one side is at least semi-smooth, the wood can then be placed in the Planer to finish both sides.  Once the machine starts biting into the wood, continue running it through the planer one side at a time rotating it with each pass.  After each pass, the wheel can be turned 1/4 rotation to smooth the surface deeper and deeper.   

After both sides are smooth, or to the desired dimension, the Jointer can again be used to smooth all four sides. 

Step 2: Use Table Router to add Nice Edge on Plaque

Picture of Use Table Router to add Nice Edge on Plaque
Now that all the edges are smooth and ready to go, a nice surface edge can be cut out on the plaque using a table router.  The TechShop technician helped me with the setup and initial cuts.  The bit I chose gave the plaque a classy look, and there are many looks that can be achieved based on the bit chosen.   

After setting up the machine with the bit in place, start with one cross grain edge, and begin cutting.  Extreme care should be taken when operating the machine.  Once one side is complete, move around the piece to complete the other three sides.  Multiple passes can help to further smooth out the edges. 

Once all four edges are completed, this finalizes the work needed in the wood shop.  Remember to clean up! ;-D
TuckerFife1 year ago
Good work man that's really cool. I like it a lot
grasmus2 (author)  TuckerFife1 year ago
Sorry for the late reply, thanks!
Claydiz1 year ago
You should contact Deseret Book and pitch this to them.
JasonE Claydiz1 year ago
I agree... this is something I could see there Very cool!
grasmus2 (author)  Claydiz1 year ago
:) I wish. It's actually somewhat pixelated if you look at it close because when I rastered it with higher resolution, the colors didn't look as good (less contrast). Maybe if I mastered one pic, probably the SLC temple. Seems like someone would have tried this by now.
mmcfadden31 year ago
Could you point me how to convert the files to a suitable format? By the looks of it you are able to use any kind of picture. I am just starting at TS Austin and am always interested in what people are doing at the lasers.
grasmus2 (author)  mmcfadden31 year ago
I actually just imported (or copy and pasted - can't remember) the pic into CorelDRAW. Then I printed after selecting the settings I wanted. Good luck, TechShop is great!
Claydiz1 year ago
Forget SLC do San Diego.
grasmus2 (author)  Claydiz1 year ago
That would be awesome too :)
Yeah go Mormons!!!
enelson81 year ago
Yeah! Temple power!
Mormon power!
Cool! you should do one of the Las Vegas temple
hallest1 year ago
Is that the Alabama temple
Detroit, Michigan
grasmus2 (author)  doodlecraft1 year ago
Yep, doodlecraft is right :-)
What a cool I really *need* a laser cutter. :)
grasmus2 (author)  doodlecraft1 year ago
Would be amazing to have your own!
lgull1 year ago
I love that temple!!!
grasmus2 (author)  lgull1 year ago
Yep, Garrett Anderson took a fantastic pic.
M.Hawse1 year ago
Nice work! You did a fine job on this article.
grasmus2 (author)  M.Hawse1 year ago
Thanks M.Hawse, it was a fun first project for TechShop.