Step 2: Use Table Router to add Nice Edge on Plaque

Picture of Use Table Router to add Nice Edge on Plaque
Now that all the edges are smooth and ready to go, a nice surface edge can be cut out on the plaque using a table router.  The TechShop technician helped me with the setup and initial cuts.  The bit I chose gave the plaque a classy look, and there are many looks that can be achieved based on the bit chosen.   

After setting up the machine with the bit in place, start with one cross grain edge, and begin cutting.  Extreme care should be taken when operating the machine.  Once one side is complete, move around the piece to complete the other three sides.  Multiple passes can help to further smooth out the edges. 

Once all four edges are completed, this finalizes the work needed in the wood shop.  Remember to clean up! ;-D
mmcfadden32 years ago
Could you point me how to convert the files to a suitable format? By the looks of it you are able to use any kind of picture. I am just starting at TS Austin and am always interested in what people are doing at the lasers.