Is your roommate or friend driving you crazy or do you just want to play a fun prank? Either way you have come to the right place. Behold the ultimate prank!

Step 1: Supplies

All you need for this prank are two simple things, your victim's bed and a BIG plank of wood. When I say big I mean BIG!

Step 2: Placing the Plank

Locate the very bottom sheet and slide the plank in between the mattress and sheet. Carefully center the plank making sure that the plank is equally spread throughout.

Step 3: Making It Unnoticeable

Make sure your victim does not see the plank before he/she lies down, because when he or she does I'm fairly sure they will notice something a little fishy.

Step 4: Just Wait.....

Now just wait. When your victim lies down they won't know what's become of them!
Just short sheet 'em.
Short sheet! Hard to beat a classic
Simple but genius.
Priceless! Thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine

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