Step 8: Propeller Duplicator

Picture of Propeller Duplicator
If your really ambitious, you can make a propeller duplicator, which can more or less duplicate anything, but right now its duplicting a propeller, so we call it a propeller duplicator.

I might make an instructables on how we made it, but for now some pics and a video here: http://www.aerodyndesign.com/PROP_DUP/PROP_DUP.htm

I'd like to make one to put a clock in it for on the wall
AeroEngineer (author)  BloodyFingers11 months ago
Very cool
Reefpimp6 years ago
Congratulations, you've succeeded in giving everybody who reads this just enough knowlege to be dangerous. If you're considering building a wood propellor for ANYTHING that spins real fast, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure your woodworking skills are up to snuff. And use a waterproof glue such as Titebond III, resorcinol, or epoxy. Explosive delamination is a very real possibility.
AeroEngineer (author)  Reefpimp6 years ago
This is true.
dandumit7 years ago
please tell me what routing bits did you used ?
Those : http://www.copycarver.com/copy_carver_burrs.htm Worth the money ?
AeroEngineer (author) 7 years ago
Simple 'Elmers' wood glue.
buhamad97 years ago
www.aircraftsdesigncenter.com please my dear what kind of The (Glue)used for Laminate Propeller wood? . Thanks
mohad pic.jpg
AeroEngineer (author)  buhamad97 years ago
Simple 'Elmers' wood glue.
AeroEngineer (author)  buhamad97 years ago
Simple 'Elmers' wood glue.