Picture of Fix Broken Drum with new Lugs
I had two broken drum lugs on my floor tom and wanted to replace them. Due to the fact that I only play recreationally, I wasn't going to drop too much money into buying new ones. Also I play with silencers over the drum heads so tuning isn't very important, so I decided to make my own.

- Hardwood 3/4" thick (I used Alder)
- #10-32 x 2" Bolts and Nuts (Price less than $1.50)
- #8-32 x  1" Bolts and Nuts (Price less than $1.50)

- Bandsaw
- Drill Press
- Screwdriver

- Time: About an hour without staining and sealing
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Step 1: Cutting the Pieces

Picture of Cutting the Pieces
The blocks you will want to cut if you are following my style of lugs are as shown in the below pictures:

- 18mm x 51mm x 4mm
- 12mm x 45mm x 16mm

Once you block these out, you want to then cut any raised part on the very top if you want one. I did this, but now I wish I hadn't and just left the top flat. It would have made everything easier in the drilling steps.

The last cut you want to make is the angle cut. I don't know what the exact angle is, all I know is that its 37mm in from one side. So mark it at 37mm and cut to the corner.

Lastly, I sanded the angle cut on a sanding block, because it was a little wobbly. I cut it by hand instead of using an angled miter.

Step 2: Glue the Parts together

Picture of Glue the Parts together
Next, glue the parts together using some wood glue. Before gluing however, I would suggest that you figure out your placement so that the edges around the sides are equal, then mark it with a pencil. These registration marks will help you line up your glue and, the top when you put it in place. Let the glue sit for 20 minutes, because we will be putting bolts through this, it will have plenty of time to dry when held with the bolts.