I had two broken drum lugs on my floor tom and wanted to replace them. Due to the fact that I only play recreationally, I wasn't going to drop too much money into buying new ones. Also I play with silencers over the drum heads so tuning isn't very important, so I decided to make my own.

- Hardwood 3/4" thick (I used Alder)
- #10-32 x 2" Bolts and Nuts (Price less than $1.50)
- #8-32 x  1" Bolts and Nuts (Price less than $1.50)

- Bandsaw
- Drill Press
- Screwdriver

- Time: About an hour without staining and sealing

Step 1: Cutting the Pieces

The blocks you will want to cut if you are following my style of lugs are as shown in the below pictures:

- 18mm x 51mm x 4mm
- 12mm x 45mm x 16mm

Once you block these out, you want to then cut any raised part on the very top if you want one. I did this, but now I wish I hadn't and just left the top flat. It would have made everything easier in the drilling steps.

The last cut you want to make is the angle cut. I don't know what the exact angle is, all I know is that its 37mm in from one side. So mark it at 37mm and cut to the corner.

Lastly, I sanded the angle cut on a sanding block, because it was a little wobbly. I cut it by hand instead of using an angled miter.

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