Picture of Wood Scrap Camping Washing Machine

This is an old project I made, before my instructable days. As such, I didn't take detailed pictures. However, it was a fun little project and worked relatively well. I gathered a bunch of scrap wood in my workshop, and arranged them into a holder that could spin a protein container. I tried to draw out the steps of the project. I hope it is reproducible this way. Good Luck.

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Step 1: Select Your Container

Picture of Select Your Container

Before I figured out the size of my cuts, I selected an empty container to use. A big one is preferable (large protein powerder containers work really well). The drawn diagram is one side of the wood that holds the container. It will be slightly shorter than the entire length of the container, i.e. as you can see from the drawing, the length of wood from the too lowest dowels to the dowels at the top is the length of the container from the very bottom to the top just under the cap when twisted on.

To create this I used only 1 by 2 inch pine scraps, and various sized dowels. The top (smaller) piece of wood is as wide as the top of the container if the dowels are slightly wedged under the container lip once the cap it on. The lower piece of wood in the drawing is longer because it wedges the container in at the widest length of the container.

cute design idea.

boddhi15 (author)  unicorncharlie9 months ago

Cool! I hope you post the measurements and pictures!

boddhi15 (author)  Danger is my middle name10 months ago
I tried to reconstruct through pictures. I didn't put the overall measurements because they depend on the size of the bottle, but i think its reproducible.