I'm not that much of a woodworker but still I've manged to collect some quantity of wood shavings during the Winter season. If it was Summer I would probably tried to make fuel brickets from them in more conventional way: by mixing with shredded paper, soaking in weter and drying under the Sun after pressing. But it is Winter now and those bags are really started to get in the way in the small workshop. So I decided to experiment a bit by pressing those shawings dry as they are.

Step 1:

I used old juice press and a contraption I put together using scrap wood and screws. Already at this stage I've made a mistake by putting smooth painted sides of boards outside the construction: it has complicated pressing process a bit, and the extraction of a brick a lot. So take a lesson from my mistakes.

<p>try adding a little lighter pine</p>
<p>Those are pine.</p>
<p>lighter pine burns much better it also lights better</p>
<p>What is &quot;lighter pine&quot;?</p>
<p>when a pine tree is cut down and the stump has all the sap in it . the wood should smell sweet.</p>
<p>Oh, yes, right, I understand what are you talking about. I thought it has a different name. It would definitely help.</p>
<p>This would be useful while trying to make a fire while camping great idea i'll have to use this sometime</p>
<p>Good luck.</p>

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