Wood Shop Hutch





Introduction: Wood Shop Hutch

Step 1: French Cleats

To make the french cleats I ripped ply wood at 45% and hung up the cleats on the wall.

Step 2: Hardware

I put a strip of a french cleat on the back of it, the organizer is great to store hardware in, and misc like wax, inlay, pen kits, and more.

Step 3: The Build

To build the table side I cut 3/4 ply so that i would not have to bend over. The back is 2 sheets of ply, one was shorter then the other which acted as a rabbit. The top is also ply and to finish it I used 5 coats of poly and lots of wax.

Step 4: The Selfs

I did not no what height I needed for the shelfs so I drilled holes using the shelf was a spacer and then put bolts in the holes to support the shelfs.

Step 5: Sand Paper

To store sand paper I used a milk carton and draw dividers and it works great underneath I stored manuals and books.



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    Thank you it is very easy and does not take long

    I like that you have your organizer on the wall and not set on the table so you have some extra space!